How to make Your Plants Root System Stronger?

Raithep has very essential nutrients for plants.To make stem of plant grow beautiful. It is important to make roots of plants stronger. Before planting seeds, add Raithep in water and sprinkle on soil. This will help to build soil for roots. Planting seeds and adding nutrient water to plants helps to grow seeds stronger. At later stage, plant grow a bit, Sprinkle Raithep Nutrients on it and it will stimulate plants growth and make it strong to climate change.

Stop using over-fertilization on plants. Too much water or just adding tap water, won’t make plants strong. The strong plants are from the base. The roots of the plants need to grow with proper nutrients and care. If the plants tend to shade and have developed a condition called “legginess” or a growth habit with a weak, elongated stem. Legginess in plants is often the result of perfect growing conditions which allows them to add on too much greenery before the plant has adequate dimension and strength in stems and roots. To repair the leggy plants can be a challenge. If starts to grow plants from seed. Ensure that a plant has plenty of light, is on a proper feeding schedule and is growing under optimal temperatures. This will help to grow plants with a strong, stocky stem, and healthy roots.

Raithep is the best way to make your plants root system stronger. Stimulate strong root systems by adding Raithep Supplement in plants root base on a regular schedule, once every other week, with an adequate amount of mixed nutrient water. These mixes will be higher in phosphorus, which is essential for root development.
Right temperature will stimulate the growth of roots. In case of high temperature, give plants shades of green or white covered cloth around the farm. In low temperature, provide light to plants even at night. This helps to gain photosynthesis and make plants stronger to absorb Raithep nutrients.

If you use chemical N-P-K Commercial Fertilizer, choose best ratio 3-20-20. Still, plants will not show strong, fast growth. Reason is, this container is not in compound form. Whereas, Raithep Amino and mixed humus is a compound of all essential nutrients that can be absorbed by trees more easily than chemical. Vitamin B1 and plant hormones called auxins, such as indole butyric acid and naphthylacetic acid, are considered to be root stimulators. Always remember, Natural sources of phosphorus and potassium are well-suited to an organic garden, not chemical. So, stop extra fertilizing and make your soil a waste for plants roots. You can use Bone meal and rock phosphate that are high in phosphorus, and they typically don’t include nitrogen or potassium. Meanwhile, kelp, granite meal, greensand and wood ashes are excellent sources of potassium. Some of these organic ingredients also contain trace elements such as iron and magnesium that are beneficial to plants.
Plants grow healthy only if the plant receives adequate sunlight, nutrition and growing temperatures.