Most popular grown crops of Thailand

Raithep is helping farmers from all parts of Thailand. Thailand is Rice growing country. However, there are many crops grown in various areas divided by geographical location. The regular cropping systems practiced in each region may be divided as follows:

A. Northern Thailand:

Mountainous highland location has cropped patterns, grown with rice crops are moderate. Cropping systems including soybean-mungbean, corn-mung bean, mung bean-cotton, corn-sorghum etc. Also, include fruits like lychee, longan, mango etc. The fruit tree-based totally cropping structures are by and large intercropped with area vegetation, vegetable plants and flowers. With the best 10% of the lowland under irrigation, the cropping systems are moist season rice followed by using dry season rice or soybean, mungbean, peanut, tobacco, sweet corn, baby corn, onion, garlic, tomato, watermelon etc. The typical cropping structures in this area, therefore, are rice-primarily based cropping systems and fruit tree-based cropping structures.

B. Northeast Thailand:

Rainfed rice is specially grown as soon as a year in the semi-arid plateau with sandy infertile soil. Dryland cash plants planted are cassava, jute and mulberry for sericulture. For the lowland under irrigation, moist season rice is grown observed via dry season rice or soybean, mungbean, peanut, jute, sesame and a few vegetable plants. In addition, diversification has additionally been done in this location, particularly with such fruit bushes as mango, candy tamarind, banana, papaya etc., in addition to farm animals and rice-fish culture in the rainy season as opportunity agriculture production enterprises. The traditional cropping structures, therefore, are rice-based totally cropping systems and field crop-based totally cropping systems.

C. Central Thailand:

2/3 vegetation of rice vicinity are grown annually in the most fertile area of the country with the most important irrigated place. Other most important vegetation are fruit bushes, vegetable crops, discipline crops and additionally cattle. The cropping systems under irrigation are moist season rice observed via dry season rice or soybean, mungbean, peanut, sweet potato, water melon, sesame, and a few vegetable crops such as sweet corn, child corn, backyard long bean, pumpkin, cucumber etc. For uplands the cropping structures are corn-sorghum, sesame-mungbean, mungbean-corn etc. During the last few years, fruit-tree based totally cropping structures were practiced in this place. Livestock and fisheries have additionally been incorporated with crop enterprises. The ordinary cropping systems in this place, therefore, are rice-based totally cropping systems and field crop-based totally cropping structures.

D. South Thailand:

The essential crop is rubber. Rice, fruit timber, vegetables, different cash vegetation, marine fisheries and prawn farms also are important. For the lowland, the cropping systems are wet season rice accompanied by using dry season rice or water melon, peanut, mungbean, candy corn, taro etc. Rubber-primarily based cropping systems may be extensively seen in the upland area within the wet season. Most rubber plantations are intercropped with upland rice, candy corn, peanut, pineapple, banana and other subject crops. Fruit and different perennial bushes along with coconut, rambutan, mangosteen, durian, longan, oil palm, coffee, cocoa etc., are combined and intercropped with the equal vegetation as in rubber-based cropping structures.

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