Organic rice farming in latest 4.0 tech era

In Thailand, Approximately 64 million rai area is cultivated with rice crops. Each province has different approach of growing rice. The northeast region has the most rice planting areas. Followed by the central, northern, and southern regions, respectively. At present, there are 4 methods of planting rice. But all the method of rice cultivation is depending on the characteristics of the area. For example, in lowland areas, rice is grown in small scale. In the highlands Or on the mountain, rice grows like large rice fields or rice paddies, etc.

Rice cultivation currently uses only a small amount of labor, as the labor force in agriculture decreases, not enough to meet demand and high wages, making it not worth the investment. Including will take much time to produce rice Causing not to be able to keep up with the next rice farming Therefore, agricultural machinery in various forms Therefore, the role can replace human labor in almost every step of rice production now and in the future.

RaiThep brought to share with friends to know. Because it conforms to the trend of organic farming without chemical additives as well The concept of rice farming, 2 items:-

1. Thailand should reduce rice planting areas Currently, Thailand has too many rice growing areas. Should reduce these areas and then grow other plants. Suitable for areas such as The central region should grow fruit. Another important reason is that other countries began to grow more rice. If rice overflows, it is dragging farmers to sell at low prices. As supply is higher than demand.

2. Farming that does not use insecticides for killing insects is oragnic farming. But if insects eat rice in the rice field, it can cause harm to the production of rice. The rice is resistant to water for up to 8 hours, while the insect is only 1 hour resistant to water and then drained out. Normally, insects will only come in 2 stages, which are the seedling and the flowering period. Or it is better to be prepared in advance with organic care. Use the RaiThep mixed with water to spray foliar. It helps to resist diseases and insects, allowing rice plants to grow and complete rice seeds.

RaiThep therefore has the concept to reduce production costs. This help to do organic farming. Now farmers can focuses on producing quality rice for sale in the market without having to rely on middlemen. Today, organic rice products are still in demand among consumers who like to eat healthy food.


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