Secrets of RaiThep

Comparative analysis of possible pros and cons of conventional approach with respect to #RaiThep nanotechnology mediated agriculture production. The impact on crops as in picture: red color text represents potential negative impacts of technology. Note: That influence of RaiThep further is positive impact on the plant growth with respective of soil, nanoparticle type, composition and exposure concentration.

Daily raise in food demand is the due to the increased world population has prompted the large-scale use of fertilizers. As a result of resource limited and efficiency of local fertilizers is decreased. The cost to the #farmer is increasing dramatically. RaiThep offers great potential to #crops, #vegetables production with the desired natural extracted chemical composition, improve the nutrient use efficiency that may reduce environmental impact, and boost the plant productivity. Furthermore, controlled release and targeted delivery of nanoscale active ingredients can realize the potential of #sustainable and precision agriculture. We overcome #farmers problems and scientific gaps with the fundamental use of #nature in #nano (smallest), safe and effective development and deployment of #nanotechnology.


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