Warning of rainy season, Rubber Leaf Diseases

New type of spot leaf disease infected from Malaysia into the southern region, 10 provinces spread to more than 8 hundred thousand rai, the latest only 20 rai in Surat Thani province. But be careful, the rainy season may come back Factors that improve the new type of fall foliage in rubber. Some of the aftermath comes from the natural defoliation of the rubber tree. Due to this type of fungus Will live in the area of ​​rubber tree trunks When the rubber leaves all the leaves fall, causing the mold to disappear quite a lot. Coupled with the warmer weather makes it unsuitable for infection

It is possible that this fungus has spread into the rubber plantations in the border region with Malaysia. Because there are similar environments, hot, humid and abundant in rain With the appearance of symptoms on old rubber leaves When he began to show signs of bruising The group is clearly visible behind the leaves. After that, the symptom is shown to be a somewhat round, yellowish circle (chlorosis). Later, the yellowish scar tissue becomes dead, dry (necrosis), a circular, pale, rust-colored wound. The symptoms of the wound on the rubber leaves more than 1 wound, then the leaves will yellow and eventually fall. Severe disease and the leaves fall heavily after at least 2 consecutive days of heavy rain. Large rubber trees are affected more severely than small young rubber trees. Falling leaves from this fungus have an effect on the growth and yield of latex. Due to more than 90% of the leaves are falling, it causes the production to drop by 30-50% and found in all rubber varieties grown in that area, namely RRIM 600, RRIT 251 and PB 311.Raithep warns farmers to keep checking their own rubber. And maintain the rubber regularly Due to the rubber defoliation period Rubber trees are quite weak. Should spray Rai Thep to nourish the rubber trees regularly And during this rainy season The climate may be more conducive to germination. Therefore, farmers should not be complacent. If an outbreak or infection is detected, immediately notify In the area for inspection urgently In order to prevent the infection from reappearing again
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