Why provide Supplement Nutrients to Crops?

Due to changing environment in hot sun, waterlogged for a long time, the cold weather at night, may turn plants to grow abnormal. Or an outbreak of plant viral diseases and insects can affect the growth of plants.

The reason behind plants lack essential nutrients are: –

  •  We grow plants without adding organic matter to the soil at all. Because of these nutrients are absorbed by generation after generation by the crops we grow year after year. The method of observation is that in the first years, the production will get a lot, but in the following years, the production will gradually decrease by the lack of nutrients.
  • If the plant lacks nitrogen, Plant leaves will turn yellow from the tip of the leaves.
  • If the plant lacks phosphorus, the old leaves or the lower leaves are light purple and green.
  • If the plant lacks potassium, the edges of the leaves are yellow and will produce small results. If it is rice, the grain may be blighted.


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RaiThep is best to recover soil and crops yield:-

  • All in One Plant Nutrients.
  • Help plants grow up a completely, plant leaves get fresh and green and high quality.
  • Help and protect plants from plant diseases and insects.
  • Reduce the amount of use inorganic fertilizer more than 50% and get more quantity of product more than 30-80%
  • Help plants grow up completely and get stronger.
  • Protect plants from the plant diseases and insects.
  • Help plants get a green leaf and great output.
  • Strengthen plants bloom and get the output perfectly.
  • Reduce the problems of the fall.
  • Reduce the amount of use inorganic fertilizer more than 50%
  • Good photosynthesis process for plants.
  • Take a short period of plants cultivate and fully output.
  • Get more quantity and quality of the output such as great color and great taste.
  • Made from 100% organic extracts so be safe for everyone.
  • Help plants safe from the chemical substances and give more efficiency for soil and fertilizer. Moreover, help plants get more stronger and protect plants from plant diseases and insects. Best result with every kind of plants. Specially use to improve soil fertility before cultivate plants period.