How to sell organic rice?

Customers often ask – “I’m not sure what we pay for this rice is grown with or without using chemicals.”

Therefore, Farmers can get Certified rice as a chemical free:- Currently, the inspection of organic rice is a form of certification with a Certifying Body (CB). Therefore, anyone involved with 100% organic rice will hire the CB to inspect. The CB will have a quantity control system. Beginning with estimates of how much crop the crop will get. After that, when forwarding such as color, packing, exporting, importing to retail, there will be documents to control the quantity throughout not more than the total production estimate above.

There is a need of communication with consumers on how you grow your rice. Therefore, there is some kind of OEC’s traceability system in government projects that will record the information in the supply chain as a blockchain to ensure that no information can be edited and generate a QR Code that can be verified by consumers or partners in the system.
*****Ensures that the organic rice they consume is 100% chemical free.*****

To keep rice organic and naturally grow healthy in fields. Rai Thep contains organic matters such as amino acids made from humic is an organic compound that helps plant growth. Every year if you keep using raithep, it will help to reduce old chemicals in soil and you can certify to sell organic for Thai market + Export to other countries at very good price.

Thailand has many diverse rice varieties. In addition to the jasmine rice that we eat today, we have organic colors is white rice such as riceberry. We still have fragrant Pathum rice, Surin Rice, Red Jasmine, Black Rice, Bueng Kan and others that Thai people export. This rice has high nutrients, therefore if it is exportable, then consumption of this rice is known to well known health lovers.

Consumers who are genuine fans only go to buy in a specific store, such as a farm or ordered online. By selling online on social media helps to avoid middlemen and direct sales can build trust with your customers to use them again.

RaiThep is made as a “business for the community” with the intention of encouraging farmers to do organic farming with new nano formulas to enrich the methods of agriculture. Raithep preserves nature and the environment for the better tomorrow. This also allows consumers to eat rice that is useful and safe for health. Raithep makes sure, the growth of every farmer is also the growth of every consumer.

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