Organic Raithep Vs Chemical Fertilizers

“In the past, the villagers used 100% chemical fertilizer, which is very expensive, but now there is no need. Using only 20% chemical fertilizer mixed with another 80% organic manure is enough and the efficiency is still similar. This also reduces costs by up to 50%” – Said by Dr. Suriya Sanakrakit, Specialist at Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (TISTR) and project leader for District Fertilizer Plants. With advanced technology – #Raithep nano can save time of making manure, and also helps plant and soil to produce high yield, large crops, reduce fertilizers and no pesticides.

All plants need food for growth. Just like the sunlight and water. In simple terms, we need to apply fertilizer in the fields, vegetable gardens, beautiful gardens, so that the plants will be beautiful. #Organic fertilizers are like plants that transform the nutrients in the soil back into the form of fertilizer. Which the plant roots can be utilized This is one reason that “fertilizer” becomes indispensable.

Fertilizer that is a nutrient for plants is divided into 2 major categories, which are organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer or granular #fertilizer. The advantage of the organic fertilizer is that it is rich in nutrients that are complete as the tree needs. But growing #vegetables using large amounts of chemical fertilizer, Causing residues in vegetables. Therefore, organic fertilizer is a solution for people who are good understanding for healthy and #safefood.

#Rai Thep is a nano powder as a plant food formula. It’s an organic material, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and with more active ingredients that let you see results faster and stronger #plants, consisting of #humic for soil, kelp, #fulvic, #amino acids from marine animals And #vitamin substances. Synthetic from Israel, the important thing is that it can be used instead of fertilizer. Can dissolve water quickly and well completely dissolved without settling. Result in good soil structure, airy soil, loose soil, watery and well ventilated Plant roots easily spread. It can Mix at the base of soil. Will help adjust the soil to loosen. Able to release nutrients that are immobilized in the soil for plants to be fully reused in the sandy soil and help to absorb water. Plus, prevent the acid and alkaline from changing quickly.

Raithep Nano use at #Farms has been proven by #farmers for years successfully. Helps increase the production of rice, sugarcane, corn, rubber and oil palm Asst. Prof. Dr. Sukarn Rattana Lertnuson Researcher from the Research Center: Nano Micro organism for Agriculture Program in Biology. Faculty of Science and Technology Rajamangala University of Technology (RMU) Thanyaburi says that “It is actually a bio fertilizer. Obtained from biodiversity research studies Until found 5 species of microorganisms with different properties. There are both species that can decompose organic matter in the soil into fertilizer that is suitable for rice, palm, oil, vegetables, fruit species that help improve soil conditions suitable for growing crops.”

Raithep helps Microbes that are useful in the soil to double the amount of nutrients. Plant food supplement from Raithep is an organic material that helps healthy microbes grow and help plant nutrients. Whereas, chemical fertilizers kill soil-beneficial microbes that are very useful to plant nutrients.”

Rai Thep – the best plant supplement, helps to increase crop yields, grow fast, strong roots, add starch, add sugar, pull bouquet, clump down into the head. Disease resistance and Insect well, improve soil, drought resistant, endure cold, green instantly Non-toxic nanotechnology, friendly to environment. It is so safe for users, easy to carry small packs, easy to transport, easy to store, reduce costs, increase profits for farmers.

Benefits of organic matter, Rai Thep: –

  1.  Fast flowering, able to store products quickly. Get more quantity and good quality
  2. Less investment, reduces production costs and can be produced for household use.
  3. Fruit trees will have strong #roots, #beautiful leaves, #large #leaves, and also adjust to good #soil condition, not broken, not sour.