Soil expert RaiThep-An advice to farmers

Soil is considered an important factor in the production of quality food to support #Thailand, but today, environmental problems cause soil quality to deteriorate continuously.

Thailand has many neglected mountains and monoculture clearly seen in the vast areas of the north, leading to soil erosion and severe deterioration which affects local communities. This problem is triggered by felling of trees that hold soil, thus lacking space to prevent soil and water flow, as well as no space to slow down the wind. Lack of trees contributes to a rapid decrease in soil nutrients, resulting in reduced agricultural productivity. Similar problems are also affecting other parts of the country.

According to the Land Department Development (LDD), under the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, more than 54% of agricultural land throughout the country is at low quality than farming. On the Top – Soil Erosion is a problem. There is natural loss of top soils, such as water and wind erosion, etc. #Thai has problems such as deforestation, forest burning, incorrect cultivation, etc.
Degraded soil is a soil that is unfavorable for agricultural production. Causing the production potential of the soil to decrease or may not use the full potential of the soil Due to the soil properties unsuitable for plant growth. For example, the chemical properties of the soil are acidic, salty, and fertile. Or reduced nutrient content and being in an unbalanced state Physical The soil has lost its structure causing compacting. Thus. Lack of porosity.


Soil degradation is caused by many reasons, such as severe climate change. Especially in the dry weather. Soil is washed by water or wind. This also includes from human hands carry out activities that cause soil deterioration. Because the soil is useful for absorbing carbon, If carbon is reduced The world is hot and dry. Degradation of the soil causes water imbalance in nature and the overall ecological system to be destroyed. Affect agriculture, livestock and have a lasting effect on food shortages and human life, both economically and socially.

The deterioration of the soil has increased dramatically since the 20th century, as the world’s population has increased considerably, resulting in urban expansion. Encroachment and destruction Causing the soil to lack cover and is the main reason that encourages soil erosion. This will cause the soil to deteriorate remarkably. The use of chemicals, both fertilizer and medicine, in the cultivation and misuse of soil, such as repeated monoculture for a long time, and the use of cultivated soil with excessive frequency of periods leads to deterioration of quality. Resulting in less fertility of the ecosystem because soil cannot be restored to be enriched with nutrients in time.

Soil confirmed by the test of poor quality requires rehabilitation. This type of farming requires reform and The “change agent” comes with the advice of Raithep. We provide effective soil development guidelines, including case studies and activities organized to develop effective farming.

Therefore, RaiThep recommends planting vetiver grass to prevent soil erosion that damages important water sources. Vetiver grass helps prevent soil erosion. Store sediment, Maintain soil moisture, Add organic matter to the soil improving soil drainage. And in the southern part we try to help solve acidic soil problems for farmers. In order to develop soil that is useful for growing crops, we suggest growing trees like Neem around the farm. In the mountainous areas of the north and northeast, green manure is plowed in grasslands many times to improve the texture and biological factors of sandy soils.

However, To improve soil quality by maintaining soil fertility is our priority. In order to keep the topsoil from erosion and help to store water, make the soil moist. Integrated #farming, #CropRotation, Reduce the use of chemicals, Emphasizing #OrganicFarming as a method that should be adapted. At the same time, there should be an awareness to reduce #deforestation. And preserve the fertile land for #cultivation. Not for use in other businesses, such as building factories, since soil is fertile, with little crop, so it should be used to the fullest benefit.

#Rai Thep introduces methods for fixing soil erosion and soil degradation. This is to improve the quality of #soil, #water and the principles of cultivation of #farmers for #sustainability as follows:-
1. Plant vetiver grass
2. Reduce deforestation
3. Promote reforestation
4. Build a weir to slow down the water.
5. Reduce the use of chemicals in farming
6. Cultivate awareness with neighbor farmers in each region, to preserve forests and maintain watersheds.