how to care for fruit trees at the time of drought?

Last Year, drought was seen in Thailand. Impact continues to this year. Since the beginning of the year it has had little rain. We can see clearly during the rainy season, the rain was delayed. After that, drought continued in many areas, especially in the northeast. The drought seems to be widened and prolonged until it may have more severe effects than in the past. Farmers have experienced to take care of the fruit trees to overcome the drought crisis. Raithep share the tips to farmers, to care fruit plantations more often:-

1. Irrigation should be considered in a way to save water. Watering with a drip irrigation system or a small centrifugal concentrator will save more water than using a watering hose to water a few times but often to reduce water losses. Change the watering time to night. To help plants reduce water evaporation from sunburn, such as drip irrigation, Mini sprinkler irrigation etc. This can save a lot of water Evaporation from the surface. This is less use of water than other methods of irrigation. Water pump, Water filters, PVC pipes, PE pipes, drip irrigation, irrigation equipment is much cheaper and has a lot of sources for distribution.

2. The use of mulch: To cover from the base of the fruit tree to the canopy of its radius. The mulch is divided into 2 types which are a. Organic matter such as plant residues such as stubble, hay and compost, such as organic carcasses that accumulate in various watersheds, wood residues such as shavings Sawing waste from various industrial plants such as bagasse, etc., b. Synthetic mulch materials such as plastics such as plastic mulch Which is tough, durable, has a long service life, etc.

3. Pruning of fruit trees harvested during the dry season. After fruit picking, it should be pruned to form an airy bush. It helps to reduce foliar evaporation. Also, helps the flowering to continue in the next season. Pruning is an indispensable practice in orchards. There are 2 stages of Pruning:a. In the early stages of fruit plantation in order to force the tree to have the desired shape and appearance. In order not to clutter in the garden operations. It has a good effect on flowering and more better results in future. Trimming to give the tree the desired shape is called “Tree decoration”. This is done during the first 2-3 years. While the trees are still small and young and the trees grow. Until the fruit has yielded >> It is necessary to prune the branches out of the plants so that the rest do their best. This latter case is known as “pruning”.

4. Weeding: It should be eliminated from the beginning of the dry season. And using dried material to cover the base of the fruit tree. But in the period that is lacking a lot of water, weeding or tillage should not be done. Because it will make the soil dry more quickly.

5. Water source procurement should improve the well to be in a working condition. And pumping water from nearby water sources to store. For orchards near the sea it needs to store fresh water. This is to prevent saltwater from entering the garden. Regularly check the water delivery system. Control to not allow water to leak. If there are many hyacinths, duckweed or algae in the garden ditch, Should be careful to cover the base of the fruit tree to maintain moisture.

6. Chemical Fertilizer should NOT be used during drought. If the water is not enough, There is no use to stimulate the growth of sprouting young leaves during the dry season. This will only cause plants to be more thirsty of water. Farmers can not provide enough water required for stimulated plants, Hence, it results in the tree to wither and die.

7. The fire protection around the garden should be weed within the orchard area. This is to be clear immediately after the end of the rainy season. To collect the remnants of dry grass, dry twigs and dry leaves from the plot to cover the ground around the base Cut under the bushes To prevent fires. Thus the garden must be prepared with water, sand, and fire extinguishers. And stored in a specific place, so that it can be used immediately at any time required.


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