how to care for fruit trees at the time of drought?

Nautral / Organic Amino acids to grow large fruits and vegetables in plants.Amino acids make plants grow stronger. The leaves are fresh green. Flowers and fruit grow well. Helps to accelerate the sweetness and increase the color. This Result in high productivity, good quality, create immunity to diseases and insects. It also helps plants to be stablize in various conditions. From the benefits mentioned above, it can only be caused by the the amino acids that are small in molecules, easily absorbable, this helps plants to utilized L-amino acids faster. It is a component of various hormones that are very important to plants. This also helps stimulate plants growth in various climatic systems. Raithep amino are completely absorbed by plants. It also allows plants to photosynthesize well. For this reason, we know why pellet fertilizer Or water-based products that contain amino acids, Will help the plant grow stronger, better and faster than using conventional fertilizers.

Using RaiThep: Reduce chemical fertilizer usage by more than 70%. Get more productivity! It is the best dietary supplements for all kinds of vegetables and fruits.

Increase crop yields, grow fast, increase strong roots, add starch, add sugar, pull bunches, tillering. Suitable for all plants.
Good resistance to diseases and insects, improve soil, drought resistant, endure cold, green instantly with nanotechnology.
Non-toxic, environmentally friendly Safe for users.
Easy to carry, easy to transport, easy to store.
Reduce costs, increase profits for farmers.
100% Authentic Quality Guarantee.
1 sachet can be used for 3-5 rai, mix up to 200 liters of water.
Economical, good value with the highest quality divine farms.

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