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Garden trees to keep home air fresh and cool

1. Palm trees

Fan palm trees are suitable for growing in a relatively wide house or a garden. Because the fan palm has a distinctive characteristic There are fan shaped leaves up to 1 meter wide and trees can be up to 10 meters in height, trunks are 20-30 meters in diameter, easy to take care of and make the house a modern modern atmosphere as well. Popular palm trees planted as ornamental plants
▼ Planting Tips ▼
When the tree is small, place it in suitable sunlight, not very bright. But when growing up, can be in the sun Palm is a palm that needs a lot of water but does not like wet. Planted in special mixed loam so it is suitable to be planted in a wide territory. Than to be planted in pots Because the leaves are very big and can withstand flooding well

2. Inthaninnam

Inthaninnam is a fast growing tree that can help shade the sun because it provides both shade and beautiful blossoms. It is a medium-to-large perennial plant, about 10-25 meters high. The tree will begin to shed leaves in the summer, after which the leaves will fall red. Easy care may need to be diligent to sweep a little. But certifying that it is beautiful
▼ Planting Tips ▼
The suitable period for collecting seeds is Between November and January, the method of fruit picking is to use hooks to cut fruit bunches before breaking. Brought to the sun, the fruit will break and the seeds will fall out.

3. Tonson Chat

Pine tree is another kind of sacred tree that people like to plant because it is believed to make the grower with honor and elegance. The outstanding feature is that the leaves do not have to sweep frequently. Considered to be a medium-sized shade tree Lasting decades Height according to age Which can be between 6 meters and 40-60 meters tall The leaves are beautiful fresh green bushes. Stacked into thick scales Popular as a wood plant for gardening in front of the house or balcony Because it is easy to raise, resistant to the sun, just need to keep changing the soil and watering 1-2 times a week. The balcony of the house can also be planted. Or trees that help shade and shade the view around the fence line Son Chat is the right option for you.
▼ Planting Tips ▼
Let the plants get enough sunlight during the first planting period Place the cuttings in the shade. As for the soil preparation, should use planting materials that are pervious. And give the water only once a day to allow the soil to moisturize only Until the cuttings are stuck and the roots are formed until beginning to water 1-2 times a day in increasing amounts

4. Early beginning of year

Let’s have a look at the trees planted in the house to shade some of the flowering plants. The palm tree is a perennial plant, about 15 meters high, with white flowers, fragrant, light fragrance. Popular as an ornamental plant. Highlights are white or pink flowers. With cool fragrance Into a cluster of clusters of bouquets in the branches Large inflorescences 10-35 cm long. Houses with a large area are also popularly planted as potted plants. Because the tree that looks big And beautiful with flowers at the same time Anyone who likes white flowers, romantic and fragrant. Planting early in the house is a good option. In addition, the height and the shrubs of the palm tree can also help to provide shade.
▼ Planting Tips ▼
Should be planted in the early rainy season In order for the planted tree to grow well And a high percentage of survival

5. Gooseberry tree

The gooseberry tree is an auspicious tree planted in the shade that has been popular among Thai people since ancient times because the name of gooseberry is synonymous with the sound of the popular word. Should be planted in front of the house Can be either outdoor or indoor But to be planted near the main door of the house will be the best. The highlight is the tree that, in addition to being a tree planted in the house to shade The effects of gooseberry are both useful to cure colds and sore throats according to Thai traditional medicine. Which is rich in vitamin C makes the skin beautiful Or you can pick gooseberry to eat as a snack as well as eat fresh or preserved. Really versatile
▼ Planting Tips ▼
Usually gooseberry trees will always give birth. More or less depends on the owner to take care. How to be prolific is Keep pruning the imperfect branches (Help eliminate the disease as well) and add manure or compost that has been broken up.

6. Tamarind tree

Tamarind tree is another tree planted in the house to provide shade that is known as auspicious wood according to Thai beliefs since ancient times. Because he believed that it would be feared With the power of prestige as the name of the tamarind The tamarind tree is considered a medium-sized shade tree, easy to grow and grow quickly. The whole point is that it has many benefits. Can be used for cooking many parts Roasted seeds can be eaten. Old pods are used to make tamarind juice for flavoring in Thai food. Top and young tamarind leaves are also used in salad or boile

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