Smart farmer online to the world market

Mr Jurin said during the seminar opening that New dimension seminar online Under the Workshop on Online Trade to the World Market, “Smart Farmer Online to the World Market” course, organized by the New Trade Trader Development Institute. Department of International Trade Promotion Ministry of Commerce This project was created under the concept of “Agriculture, Commercial Production, Market”, which has worked closely between the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives and the Ministry of Commerce. Because both departments are important in both production and marketing. Therefore having to work in the same direction Especially in the current situation and the situation of the world trade economy that has changed into the New Normal economy by changing the platform into e-commerce or online commerce that has played a role. And increasing importance Especially while around the world experiencing the outbreak of Covid-19 Therefore, organizing online training seminars To promote exports by e-commerce systems And online systems Therefore is very consistent with the situation Especially agricultural products because they are important to the country’s export numbers It is found that Thailand has as much as 40% agricultural area and there are 10 million farmers who are engaged in agriculture. Therefore, promoting farmers to gain knowledge And able to sell their own products on the online platform Will help farmers have more distribution channels and increase product value

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