Grow Thai Herbs for health

Oh, you know, Thai herbs are as good as this. The global trade in herbs is worth 3.2 trillion baht … Thailand grow herbs for themselves has well has exports of herbs and processed products are valued at approximately 100 billion baht per year or only 0.3%.

Medicinal plants are something that has been with Thai people for thousands of years. But when modern medicine began to play a role in our country properties and values ​​of herbs, which is what is known as ancient wisdom began to be obscured indefinitely And finally abandoned.

“Benefits of herbs”

  1. Turmeric: cure flatulence.
  2. Yellow liners: diarrhea
  3. Cissus quadriplegia: cure hemorrhoids
  4. Andrographis paniculata: cure colds, sore throat
  5. Mawbung: Cough phlegm
  6. Vine: the muscle pain
  7. Plai: solve bruises, sprains

>>> Information provided by Asst. Prof. Dr. Pison Chongtrakunphaet, King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital

7 herbs for home-grown Thai herbs that can be grown by oneself Which has different medicinal properties These herbs can help treat illnesses and alleviate illnesses.

Planting turmeric in Thailand Start planting during the beginning of the rainy season around the end of April. To the beginning of May every year and will harvest the turmeric in the winter or around the end of December to January During this period, turmeric is completely dry.

Andrographis paniculata Yellow liners, Petchangkad, etc., are quite interesting herbs. It is also easy to take care of. Many properties Can grow both seeds and seedlings Who wants to experiment before planting, can sell the above methods to be planted in pots or planted in their own garden first.

Inoculation stimulate the field crops. Plant growth is to increase the number of cells and enlarge the size of plant cells # Herbs # Curcuma longa # Seafloor # Petchangkarda # Fah Talai Na # Mawlamung # Vines # Plai # Phlai # Plant Hormones #Herbs #growplants # plants for health


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