“3 must do things” and “3 must reduce factors” in farming.

3 must do things are:-

  1. Rice should be grown no more than 2 times per year. Have time to improve the soil by giving a break to soil cycle that can help prevent insect outbreaks RaiThep can help improve the quality of the soil to be suitable for cultivation.
  2. Should use good quality seeds. With germination rate of not less than 80%, according to the rice species. Do not mixed weed with rice. RaiThep helps increase germination percentage And stimulate root expansion.
  3. Accounting should be done at all stages of farming. Acknowledged – pre payment you pay to plan for the next rice field.


3 should reduce:-

  1. Reduce rice seed rates Field not more than 20-25 kg / rai should not be sown too thick.
  2. Reduce the use of chemical fertilizer Use 1 sachet of RaiThep per 100-200 liters of water to foliar spray. Reduces the use of chemical fertilizers by more than 70%. Helps reduce costs, increase profits for farmers. Safe and non-toxic.
  3. Reduce the use of pesticidesChoose to use biological products such as RaiThep as the best food supplement for your crops.

The use of the RaiThep as a plant supplements must be at proper ratio with water and time to meet the needs of rice plants or as recommended and must be put according to the type of species. This will be able to reduce costs, While also reducing the amount of fertilizer to be saved by more than 70%. If using RaiThep as according to the instructions, it will help reduce the cost of using pesticides and pests.

Reducing production costs Is to reduce the use of herbicides Diseases and pesticides. Farmers must be fully aware of this. Should consider the symptoms of the disease and effects before using chemicals. Also need to consider the amount of weeds to be removed that cause insect infestation. This help to reduce the use of chemicals and its save its costs.

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