Summer storm in the upper Thailand

The high pressure area from China extends to the Northeast of Thailand and the South China Sea while hot conditions are likely in the area. The southerly and the southeasterly winds blow in with the humidity over the upper country. Outbreaks of summer storms, thunderstorms, lighting strikes, and gusty winds, are expected in the upper Northeast, the North, and the upper Central. Hail is also possible for some areas. During 14 – 18 May, the southerly and the southeasterly winds still prevail over upper Thailand while hot to very hot still covers those areas. Isolated thunderstorms with gusty winds are forecast in upper Thailand.


During 12-13 May, people in upper Thailand should keep off big trees, unsecured buildings and billboards. Farmers should beware of crop damage. And people in the South west coast should beware of heavy rain and accumulated rain.

Aware of the dangers of lightning for farmers, be prepared to prevent and beware of damage to agricultural products as well.

The Irrigation Department has ordered irrigation projects throughout the country. To be ready to monitor the weather And prepare to deal with the water situation. If there is rain in the area above the reservoir it will inevitably result in increased water retention Including the amount of runoff in various major rivers as well. Resulting in increased amounts of water For consumption. In addition, the company has enjoined the irrigation project Inspect all irrigation buildings. To be able to use the full potential including eliminating weeds from obstructing waterways Continuous monitoring of water situations, if needing assistance, can be reached at an irrigation project near your home Or call the Irrigation Department hotline 1460 anytime.

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