Warning: Bean Aphid Attack


During hot and dry weather Yardlong bean growers often encounter Aphis Craccivora Koch and therefore ask farmers to keep an eye on aphids.

Spray your farm with Raithep to get rid of larvae and adults of aphids by using 1 pouch of RaiThep is good with 100-150 liters of water to let aphids repel from your crops. Spraying RaiThep every 10-15 days. If found aphids, spray again. You can also use natural enemies, such as releasing a turtle beetle. Will help to eat aphids and help reduce the destruction of aphids.

Aphids are small to medium sized sucking insects. Adults can breed without breeding. And gave birth to a baby larvae moult 4 times and become adults within 5-8 days. The adults are around 1.4-1.9 millimeters long. Both the larvae and the adults have 2 small tubes protruding at the ends of the abdomen. Destruction of both larvae and adults absorbs water under the shoots, young buds, young leaves, inflorescences and young pods, causing the destroyed parts such as kink young leaves to bend,

the flowers do not stick to the pods. Will make the pods to be smaller If severe destruction will stop the growth and eventually die. In addition, aphids release liquid sugar, which is left with sugar mixed with waste through the digestive tract called “manure nectar”, which is the food of black mold. Causing black mold to grow rapidly until covering the leaves and pods. The production is therefore not needed in the market.





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