Irrigation System

Rai Thep suggests ways to save water in growing vegetables and fruits.

Drip irrigation system for agriculture is an effective way to combat drought. Can also be used for a variety of applications while it is easy to mix plant supplements – RaiThep and use into the drip system. Importantly, can assemble and install by yourself, simple and hassle-free with not too high budget. Therefore it is truly worth the price for the investment

The application of RaiThep foliar spray can be used with both Drip / Sprinkler irrigation. As it is a solution to the nutrient problems from plant-based dietary supplements. Mix Raithep in a Water Tank. 1 Pouch of Raithep can be used for 200 liters of water. Normal water is not beneficial to plants, for example, leaching out from the root area, transforming into a form that is not beneficial to plants. Plants need nutrients in the soil that can be fully absorbed. Using sprinkler irrigation can help to solve problems when plant roots are not ready to absorb nutrients such as roots destroyed by earthworms, etc. Stimulates and promotes the growth of rice, such as tillering, issuing grains, as well as providing nutrients to increase the quantity and quality of product Foliar spray provides nutrients at the plant’s location. Normally, plants absorb nutrients from the roots and send them to the leaves for use. Create energy and synthesize essential substances for growth. Spraying water or using sprinkler irrigation with the addition of “RaiThep” in water and applied through the leaves is a direct delivery to plants for immediate use. Spraying with foliar solutions helps to solve the fields plants problems like Lack of nutrients And providing nutrients to plants in a slow manner This helps plants to get a lot of nutrients and also save a lot of water and time.


Thep Farm, recommended; –

  1. Drip / Sprinkler Irrigation is a way to efficiently supply water to plants. Therefore suitable for areas with high water costs.
  2. Can provide sufficient water to the point where plants grow at all times. Therefore, plants will not be affected by dehydration. The plant will give high yields.
  3. Able to provide plant supplement food with RaiThep along with water supply, therefore greatly reducing labor And give the plants supplementary food capacity that plants can use immediately. It is also a saving of plant supplement food.
  4. Loss of water from evaporation is very small. Therefore, the accumulation of salt on the soil surface is not much like other types that use water from the same water source.
  5. Reducing the growth of weeds and pesticides that are injected will not be washed off.
  6.  Easy measurement of water content and is very convenient and fast.
  7. The watering efficiency for plants increases and helps growth.
  8. Can use water from the home water supply system without additional investment.
  9. Able to provide a good circulating water supply system, for example in small increments.
  10.  Raithep Can provide plant supplement food along with watering.


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