Trichoderma Harzianum

RaiThep helps the soil to grow well. Trichoderma fungi is a high class fungus that lives in the soil, Relies on plant debris, Animal carcasses and organic matter are food sources. Fast growth on many fungi. Create white fibers and produce a number of species called “Cononia” or “spores” in bulk, forming a dense cluster until it appears green Trichoderma is an enemy (antagonist) against many pathogenic fungi by invasive methods. Or as a parasite And compete or compete for the food that germs need In addition, trichoderma can produce antibiotics and toxins, as well as gastric juice or enzymes that help dissolve the fibers of plant pathogens. Special features of Trichoderma fungi are Can help dissolve minerals in a form that is beneficial to plants Therefore helping to promote plant growth and induce plants to be resistant to plant pathogens, both mold and pathogenic bacteria

Factors related to the success of the use of trichoderma to control plant diseases include

1. Quality and efficiency of trichoderma

  • ➤ Must be a selected breed Study both the quality And effective control of the disease
  • ➤ Must be a spore that grows quickly and well. On various food materials Especially the organic material contained in the soil naturally
  • ➤ Must be able to compete and fight to destroy many pathogens
  • ➤ Must survive well in fluctuating natural conditions



2. Environmental management

  • ➤ Improve the soil condition with organic matter such as manure, compost regularly
  • ➤ Cover the soil surface with plant debris. To maintain soil moisture
  • ➤ Adjust the acidity of the soil with marl or dolomite. Sun-digging the soil For the amount of germs
  • ➤ pruning diseased Or make the shrubs more airy

Digging drainage channels Prevent waterlogging conditions in the garden / Plantation

RaiThep, plant supplement Is an organic material that helps to improve soil conditions for cultivation by helping to increase the useful microbes in the soil. Make the plants grow, complete, hard and with good quality In the components of Rai Thep also smells that insects do not like. Able to repel insects from flying near to destroy the plants Non-toxic, environmentally friendly Safe for users and consumers, reduce costs, increase profits for farmers. Because it reduces fertilizer use by more than 70%. It is also portable and easy to use by mixing water and spraying through leaves or watering the base.



Thanks for the information : Kasetsart University Research and Development Institute

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