Plant asparagus for health and wealth.

Asparagus is a vegetable that has received a lot of attention from farmers today. Because it is a vegetable that has a good price There is a high demand in the market. Is a longevity vegetable Can keep the product throughout the year Able to adapt to the Thai environment very well, as well as most of the products are exported to foreign countries Causing the area to grow asparagus tends to increase continuously.

Ms.Jinda Ban Santhia or Ms. Pim Chim, House No. 161/2, Village No. 4, Subtakian Subdistrict Chai Badan District Lop Buri Province Farmers who have used Thep Farm recently Before, planting sugarcane and cassava. Just turned to grow asparagus for 2 years. Switch to grow asparagus because sugarcane and cassava earn money once a year. But asparagus earns money every day, Khun Jim says that he only used Rai Thepp for 1 month and used it for just one month. Asparagus grows incomplete, the leaves are not green, the stems are small and bent.

Requires a lot of fertilizer in high cost cultivation But when using Rai Thep, found that 2 days after spraying Rai Thep Asparagus has pink, soft shoots, large shoots, good weight, dark green leaves, complete stalks, pervious soil and helps to reduce production costs. Produced a lot and high quality.

There are 2 ways to grow asparagus:
The seeds used for planting are to start by soaking the seeds in 150 liters of water mixed with 1 sachet of Rai Thep (soak for 1-2 hours) to increase the germination percentage. By making a hole about 40 centimeters apart and then planting the seeds about 7 seeds / hole, then take care, watering, spraying Thep Thep at the rate of Rai Thep 1 pack per 200 liters of water, spray every 7 days and then wear plastic cones to prevent Blooming Asparagus Peaks Seedling is a seedling before planting. By using the divine watering to improve the soil to be suitable for cultivation In the cultivation, put the soil in a bag about 3 inches in size, sow the seeds, cover the soil with water and then watering. After about 10 days the shoots will begin to sprout. But must be raised in a bag like this for not less than 2 months before being converted.


The main feature is the crispness. And has a unique aroma, good taste Nutritional value of asparagus Asparagus is full of nutritional value. Until it has been said to be a super useful vegetable.

is a source of vitamin K, vitamin B. Let’s take vitamin C and vitamin A.

  • rich in vitamin B, both B1, B2, B3 and B6
  • has a high amount of folic acid
  • full of minerals such as zinc, copper, phosphorus, potassium and selenium.
  • High in fiber
  • has about 3 grams of protein per 5.3 oz.
  • no fat or cholesterol
  • has quantity Very low salt
  • Each tree has fewer than 4 calories.
  • Glutathione

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