Breaking Down the Covid Crisis with integrated agriculture

The outbreak of the Covid-19 virus has affected the economic condition of society include farmers income. Due to the inconvenience of product distribution, Farmers can sell a small amount of the product. But the farmers who do with the quality farming with raithep are with sufficiency economy and Self-reliant. Quality is most important to get products in demand, even during crisis.

Mrs. Anchana Trancho, Deputy Secretary-General of the Office of Agricultural Economics (SorBorSor.) Revealed the evaluation of integrated agricultural projects in cooperatives and farmers’ groups (Phase 4 years 2018-2021) in 23 provinces, 1,500 members who have operated for the first year. Found that the operation achieved its goals. The farmers received the knowledge according to the sufficiency economy philosophy with 23,486 rai of integrated farming.

Most farmers gain knowledge about raising organic farming, compost and use of raithep given soil maintenance. Raithep with Sufficiency economy philosophy has reduced the production costs and able to adapt agriculture including mutual support by using manure and spray raithep to reduce fertilizers. This bring vegetables, fruits and grains to grow with high quality, free from deseases.

Up to 94% of the farmers have developed integrated plots continuously and 66 percent have extended it by expanding the integrated farming to other farmers as well.

Considered that integrated farming brings benefits to the lives of farmers clearly. Aside from having self-produced food sources, Raithep now can help reduce food security risks, Can also generate income for the whole family.

Hence, Raithep confirm the integrated agriculture is a best way of doing new farming. The quality food resulting in economic health immunity, society can fight various crises that occurred unexpactedly.



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