How Farmers overcome the financial debts?

The debt of agricultural households is 221,490 baht per household per year. An increase of 47% from the previous year.

With most of the debts, more than half or 55% of which are debt owed to farmers for agriculture. And the remaining 45% are borrowed for non-agricultural purposes. In which the latter has a tendency to increase Especially in the matter of buying property such as houses, land and other assets Another important factor is Comes from easier loan access to use for investment

Another big problem is Many farmers do not own production equipment such as land, farm equipment etc. Therefore, farmers have to rent land. Including the rental of other equipment as well and when the income is not as much as it should be Therefore resulting in borrowing, borrowing Resulting in expenses greater than income And become indebted forever The picture you see is Farmers have to borrow new debt in order to use the old debt. And although he realized that he would continue farming However, loss But still have to continue Because there is no other choice

Some time ago we often hear requests from farmers. While the government is trying to solve urgent problems urgently But until then, until telling the same problems Return looping back as before But at the same time still see the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives Trying out various projects That helps increase production quality Find new marketing channels Or bringing technology to support production To upgrade the farmers to the next level Allowing farmers to be able to live on their own But still not covered as it should be

How Farmers overcome the financial debts

However, about 6 years ago, RaiThep began a movement for farmers with nano technology. A supplement for plants to grow productive was introduce to the market. This has helped lot of farmers to over come there debts. Farmers producing high quality crops with rai thep has help them to sell rice, vegetables and fruits to oversea countries. Like farmers began to sell rice themselves and delivered directly to the customer group, also do online sales with use of available social media like Facebook. All of this help farmers to overcome the middlemen commission. And also received a higher and full price.

We encourage farmers to use Raithep as there best plant supplement and reduce fertilizer cost upto 70%. Also begin the use of online sales on internet that can over come any crisis or your financial debts.


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