Raithep is plant food which is nano powder formula, Non-toxic and Environmentally friendly products with ingredients that increase action, see results faster and stronger. Raithep is a special formula that has concentrated the quality of raw materials and has more benefits for plants. 1 envelope consists of Humus or Humic Substance, Fulvic Acid, Nicotinic Acid, Amino acid from Seaweed Extract, Amino from fish blood, Special substances from Israel and Vitamins. As a result, Raithep has property follows.


  • Convenient to carry
  • Reduce shipping costs
  • Easy to store
  • Easy to transport
  • Reduce costs, increase profits for farmers.

The important is that it can be used instead of fertilizer. Raithep can good water solubility, fast dissolving, no sedimentation. As a result, the structure of the soil is good, salt marsh and loam soil. Raithep easy to transfer water and air. Raithep easy to expand the roots. When user mix Raithep with water then pour water the stub will help adjust the clay to relax. Resulting in the release of nutrients that are fixing in the soil for plants to be fully reused. In sandy soil will help to hold water and pH treatment in order not to quickly change.

The rate of use is 1 envelope mix with water 100-200 liters. The characteristics of Raithep is black mixed with white flakes mixed together. The root system of the plant to germinate and expand into the soil better than usual. Result in fast growing plants, long roots, better absorption of nutrients in the soil, increase productivity, increase crop yield, grow fast, strong roots, increase starch sugar in plant. Including Tillering and Tuberization. User can be used with all plants. There are also special substances that help plants photosynthesis. In addition, the amino substances will help to enter the equilibrium state.


Key Ingredient

  • Humus or Humic Substance
  • Fulvic Acid
  • Nicotinic Acid
  • Amino acid from Seaweed Extract
  • Amino from fish blood
  • Special substances from Israel
  • Vitamins

1. Humic acid is natural substances that helps the plant to have a good root system, create a new root, helps to sprouting of roots, helps plants to absorb soil food better and Humic is also an important component of soil. When user spraying into the soil, it helps the soil to complete soil.

2. Fulvic Acid is natural substances that small molecular size that helps to maintain the balance of nutrients in plant. Increases the absorption of the root and leaf systems through the activation of the cell wall by provides energy to transport nutrients, vitamins, hormones and enzymes in roots or leaves to the point of need plants quickly. Helps the operation of various chemical reactions and the transportation of nutrients in plants perfectly work.

Benefits of FULVIC ACID

  1. Help to maintain the balance of electric charge in every plant cell which is very important in the life of All living things. The balanced chemical charge in living cells makes living organisms stronger, fully grown and work efficiently.
  2. Modify the fertilizer and nutrients in the soil. To be in the form of release and absorption into cells easily and plants can be used for real benefits.
  3. Provide energy and help transport fertilizer, nutrients, vitamins, hormones and enzymes in plants to the point of need plants quickly.
  4. Increases absorption of root and leaf systems through activation of cell walls.
  5. Promote the activity of enzymes and vitamins in plant cells such as photosynthesis and Plant respiration etc.
  6. Change the form of carbohydrate metabolism to accumulate sugar that is water soluble. Resulting plant able to drought and cold resistant well.
  7. Increase the process of protein synthesis, increase the amount of DNA in cells.

1. Nicotinic Acid is a substance that has been studied and researched by Shozo Fujioka Institute as The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research Wako, Japan and Charles F. Cleland, researcher from the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, U.S.A. The result is that Nicotinic Acid helps in plant growth. In addition, other research supports the mechanism of Nicotinic Acid, a substance that helps plant cell development using tissue culture techniques.

2. Amino acid from Seaweed Extract is a protein powder from seaweed that contains nutrients and hormones for plants. This protein powder be able to add useful nutrients and properties to help increase organic matter that promote the photosynthesis. Including expanding the productivity of field crops helps budding, stimulate branching of leaves, increase size and helps increase weight for plants. It also helps to increase the quantity of microbes in the soil as well. In the case of spraying, it causes some droplets to enter the soil as it is a natural nutrient and therefore safe for users.

3. Amino from fish blood which amino acids is the smallest unit of protein. Amino acids are the basic components in the process of protein synthesis. Research and studies show that amino acids have direct and indirect effects on the physiological activity of plants. When amino acids are sprayed through the leaves or fall into the soil. It helps to improve soil microbes that contribute to the absorption of foliar nutrients in the form of hydrolyzed proteins. Spraying through the leaves are to create amino acids for plants to use immediately.

4. Amino acids are very important in plants. Although plants have their own mechanism for creating amino acids, they must be in the suitable conditions such as minerals and nutrients that plants need to use in the synthesis, weather, temperature and sunlight etc. If these factors are incomplete, it will cause the plant to reduce the production of amino acids or unable to produce, which will affect the growth and the fruiting and the flowers and plants to stop growing called “Plant stress” Therefore, providing the suitable amino acids to plants is extremely beneficial in terms of production.

5. The basic components of living cells are consist of proteins. Proteins are in the form of amino acids. Steps of protein synthesis as follow plants synthesize amino acids from the basic components, carbon and oxygen obtained from the air, hydrogen from water in the soil. Through photosynthesis method and combined with the nitrogen that plants get from the soil leads to the synthesis of amino acids. The resulting amino acid is L-amino acid that plants need. Therefore, in normal conditions, the plants create such L-amino acids can be used by themselves but in an inappropriate condition such as lack of water, overheating sunlight, and nutrients in the soil not enough causing plants to not be able to create L-amino acids. Raithep have added essential amino acids, L-amino, to the plants directly through the leaves. Resulting in balanced growth of plants, even under inappropriate conditions, is a way to increase crop yield and quality. In conclusion, the amino acids added to Raithep helped balance the growth of plants. Due to it can help solve problems in the case of dehydrated plants, lack of nutrients or overheating sunlight. It is also a natural substance that helps the soil microbes to grow and improve the soil.

6. Special substances from Israel are substances that contain N-P but in the form of small molecules. Affect the plants have a dark green color, strong leaf, water and food pipe complete, therefore the disease is more difficult than normal. This substance will look like a small white flake inserted in the powder. When poured in the water will float on the water users must mix it to sink into the water so it dissolves well.

7. Vitamins are food groups that plants need for plants more efficient photosynthesis processes.


The good and perfect soil will be black that consisting of organic substances and humus, which require organic decomposition, which requires microbes to decompose and accumulate for a long time.
When growing crops, they grow, but agriculture needs to be repeated on the same land and done many times a year, causing the humus in the soil to be used up quickly, resulting in soil deterioration. Raithep came to help solve these problems because Raithep has both humus and fluoric substances. Moreover, there are amino, which these substances are components of good soil. Then use Raithep is the same as adding humus directly to plants, not through the soil but through the leaves, so plants grow and become strong.

The benefits of Raithep when mixed with water sprayed through the leaves.

  1. Promote cell division and enlarge the size of plant cells, resulting in larger flowers, more flowers and larger fruits.
  2. Reduce stress due to mineral imbalance, minerals are poisonous, lacking water or extremely hot weather.
  3. Helps to increase germination rate of seeds and perfect seedlings.
  4. Increase breathing rate and increase photosynthesis.
  5. Increase starch and sugar directly to plants.
  6. Solve the problem of shabby tree due to the loss of food quickly
  7. Solve the problem of competition for food in plants in the case of young leaf buds during fruiting.
  8. Create ready for flowering, fruiting, complete, strong, prevent the loss of flowers and fruits.
  9. Increase the quality of the produce, reduce distortion, increase the sweetness and make the color beautiful and appetizing.

Benefits of Raithep when mixed with water and then water the roots.

  1. 1. Helps release nutrients in the soil that has been frozen for reuse.
  2. 2. Increase the usefulness of nutrients in the soil, allowing the soil to absorb more water and reduce water loss in the soil.
  3. 3. Connect soil particles into groups as a good soil structure to help ventilate, absorb good soil water.
  4. 4. Stimulate the roots to grow and spread.
  5. 5. When decomposing will release nitrogen, sulfur and nutrients, so it is beneficial to plants.