Standards and Quality control of Raithep products
Thailand is one country that has an important role in feed production for many countries around the world.
Especially the primary raw material production in plants, vegetables and fruits. Due to the current trend of world food consumption has changed. Regarding the quality of the origin of vegetables and fruits Including increasing awareness of health care. Resulting in more organic products and vegetables and fruits being non-toxic. It can be seen from the branding or branding to confirm that the product is non-toxic and standardized such as the Q mark of the Central Laboratory of Thailand. Which is considered as creating confidence and standards for consumers, etc.
For the above reasons, Richer Company Limited. Therefore has given importance and created a standard for the production of agricultural products for Thai people.
By producing “Raithep” brand products of high quality humic substances and seaweed powder including special substances that are safe under quality laboratories in Raithep only group of companies. In addition to consumer safety Raithep is also aware of the high security for users or farmers. It’s mean Raithep is a concentrated substance obtained from natural raw materials which has been passed through the production process at a temperature that is not too high, so the important substance remains intact.
With reliable standards, Raithep has sent product samples regularly check with the Central Laboratory (Thailand). Such as Humic Acid standardization (certificate no. TRBK61 / 02353) with the testing method according to the international standard (Manual on Organic Fertilizer Analysis, APSRDO, DOA: 4/2551).
The result shows that the humic acid value is more than 70% (example number BK61 / 00982-001) and Toxicity test (Arsenic, Cadmium, Chromium, Lead (Pb) and Mercury). The results are in the normal range and safe from the above toxic substances. Can be confident that Raithep brand products are safe and is highly user friendly and Environmentally friendly products.

Raithep has controlled the quality of nutrients, Ingredient formula and substrate as well as Sources of raw materials used as an ingredient in Raithep.

In addition, Raithep also use a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). That uses an electron beam to photograph to analysis the surface and structure characteristics of raw materials for check the quality has the same good qualities in every envelope.



  Picture 1 Raithep, with a magnification of 500X                

  Picture 2 Show particles on the surface of Raithep, with a magnification of 5000X


In which the picture shows the solubility of the substance. After dissolving in water, it was found that it has good solubility. And according to the international research of Devies et al. from the International Humic Consortium for Carbon Sequestration show that Raithep is a product of international quality.

Foreign research



Reference :

Devies et al. from the International Humic Consortium for Carbon Sequestration refer from Nanotechnology: A Maker’s Course, Duke Universityniversity