5 new Special Varieties of Rice

1. Rice varieties RD79 (Chai Nat 62) is a soft ground rice for consumption and export abroad. Especially China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines Harvested approximately 118 days by black lace method Good physical seed quality Long, slender kernels, less eggs, very good coloring quality, able to produce 100% rice. Good output stability And is quite resistant to BPH and burns. But susceptible to dry leaf edge disease and white BPH Suitable for planting in irrigated rice fields in the northern and central regions.

2. Rice species RD 83 (Jasmine Black Nong Khai 62) is a rice that has a purple-black rice seed coat Not sensitive to light Can be planted both in the season of off-season and off-season The harvesting time is around 130 days. The seeds are long, the stomach is small, the color quality is very good. With antioxidants, ferric acid, gamma oryzanol, vitamin E, phenolic and flavonoid When cooked, sticky, soft, fragrant rice is resistant to blight disease in the seedlings in the northeast, northern and central regions, suitable for planting in irrigated and rainwater areas. Especially in areas with epidemic burns or areas that require special quality rice Which has a specific market for healthy rice consumers

3. Khao Kho 62 species is sensitive to light periods Is a rice variety that gives good products Has a clump Medium hard stems Medium firm Medium rift The stability of soft cooked flour The texture is soft, not fragrant, and has high yield potential in high rice conditions. Quite resistant to blast disease in Mae Hong Son province

4. Rice grain, cotton seed 62 is sensitive rice The shape of the trunk is hard, the shape is quite tight, the neck is long, the seed shape is long, the belly is very slender, the quality of color is very good. Get full grain The amount of medium amylose is 20.9%, the protein content of brown rice is 9.44%, the rice has purple-black seed coat. Good quality for cooking and eating Has the ability to prevent the spread of bacterial infections Especially as a substance that prevents free radicals and the expansion of cancer cells There are substances in the B group, a water-soluble vitamin. Helps with metabolism Suitable for planting in general farm conditions. Planted as a rubber plant And newly planted oil palm in the southern region

5. Rice varieties Hom Hom Pandan 62 is rice sensitive to light period The trunk is quite stiff, the green leaves are clumpy, firmly fixed, medium neck, long seed, moderate fall, slender shape, the belly is egg-less, the quality of color is very good. Full grain Is low amylose rice, 15.2%, the stability of cooked flour is at a low level Low temperature of flour Elongation of normal cooked rice Steamed rice has a soft white color, soft, sticky and has a pleasant aroma. Suitable for rainwater areas in the lower northern and central regions that want to grow good quality light rice.


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