Humus: Top Grade Fertilizer from Decompose

Soil covers is an important factor for farmers. A way to protect plants. Experienced by applying the concept of integrated agriculture in accordance with the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy (SEP-based projects) of King Rama IX upgrading the soil quality by “covering the soil” with rice straw, etc., to bring the soil to life. Preserving the original perennials that exist in the garden area and adding new plants suitable for existing plants. With the concept of 5 levels of crop cultivation, namely underground plants, creeper plants, transcendent plants, middle level perennial plants And long-term perennials in the same area. In addition, covering the soil is also a way to protect the weeds. Because those weeds are covered so they can’t grow Adding organic material to the soil Or as a soil improvement before planting plants.


Benefits of soil cladding:

  • Good habitat of microbes.
  • Helps to store moisture and prevent evaporation of water in the soil.
  • Helps to slow soil erosion.
  • When rotting, it will be benthic food such as earthworms, millipedes, etc., which will help to loosen the soil. And transfer manure into fertilizer.
  • When decomposed will be humus. Top grade fertilizer for plants.

Benefits of microbes:

  • Helps to freeze nitrogen from the air. In the air there are 78% nitrogen gas
  • Helps to decompose fossil
  • Helps digest minerals in lateritic sand such as iron, manganese, zinc, phosphorus, calcium
  • Helps to produce hormones for plants such as cytokinins, sip on berylins, oxygen.
  • Help produce plant protection substances.


RaiThep, food supplement containing humus compounds. This is an important element in fertile soil. As if the raithep were the direct fusion of humus, which would be more effective. The plant therefore grows well and is strong.

Benefits of Rai Thep as a best Plant supplement formula with nano powder has gain the International quality.

✅ Increase humus in the soil
✅ Soil improvement with drought resistant, cold resistant
✅ Increase crop yield, grow fast, strong roots
✅ Add flour, add sugar
✅ Pull the clump into the head
✅ # Compatible with all plants
✅ Good resistance to diseases and insects
✅ Green as well Nanotechnology
✅ Non-toxic, friendly to the environment
✅ Safe for users
✅ Easy to carry
✅ Easy to transport, easy to store.
✅ Reduce costs, increase profits for farmers
✅ Raithep 1 sachet can be used for 3-5 rai, can mix 100 – 200 liters of water.
✅ This helps to reduce fertilizer usage by more than 70% and follow the organic trends of growing vegetables, rice, grains and fruits.


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