RaiThep, plant supplement – reviews, real user results | Rice Field of Aunt Bunsong

RaiThep understands the heart of agricultural work and the farmer. Ready to invent and find ways to help standardize the production of agricultural products for Thai people by the production of plant supplements, brand RaiThep helps to increase crop production. Resulting in complete plant cells growth, helps develop roots to expand plants, grow large clumps and make roots strong. Also, helps the flower and fruiting process that can be used with all kinds of plants, improve soil resistance, drought, cold resistance, instant green leaves, non-toxic, environmentally friendly i.e., Safe for the users, easy to carry, reduce costs, increase profits for farmers. Plus, it can reduce fertilizer usage by more than 70%. Our product is 100% genuine quality guarantee.



*** 1 bag of RaiThep mixed with water 100-200 liters, can be used for 3-5 rai ***

RaiThep is a nutrient replacement for humus in nature. Usually the good and perfect soil will be black. Which consists of Organic matter and one of them is humus Which requires the decomposition of organic matter by natural processes But over time, farming is necessary to replicate on the same land. Causing the humus to rapidly disappear Resulting in soil quality deterioration at this point, therefore resulting in the gods plantation, food supplements to solve the problem Because Rai Thep contains humic and fluoric substances, and more, contains amino Therefore, using the ranch is similar to adding humus directly to plants. Therefore, plants grow well, strong, and some parts that fall into the soil will accumulate as a component of humus. When used repeatedly, the plant will grow well every time.

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