5 ways to watch soft ripped Durian

5 ways to watch Ripening of durian. Department of Agriculture (DOA) threatening the owner of the durian growers not to sell durian that aren’t ripped. If found selling yong durian it may lead to 3 years in prison.


RaiThep recommends that this season is the period of durian production. Durian is said to be the king of all fruits (Raja Fruit). It is in the month of May will be the time when the durian begins to be released into the market. With motivation from the high price, the sale is good because the price is at the beginning of the season and the young durian weighs more fruit than the old durian, so farmers and merchants cut the durian out to sell. Warning farmers and durian merchants to not sell #YOUNG durian because it is against the law. With both penalties and severe penalties up to 3 years in prison.


For consumers, there are 4 simple observations before buying durian during this period is as followed:-

1. The fruit stalks will be stiff and darker. When holding the fruit and swinging, the fruit will feel Durian stems have more springs.

2. The tips of the dry thorns are brown, brittle and easily broken. When viewed from the top of the results Will see the thorns are dark, thorns spread out, furrow etc.

3. Peel when knocking the shell Durian that is very old Will have different heavy or light sounds Depending on the species and age of the tree #Durian

4. #Durian fruit, if mature, when cutting the stem or leech, it will find clear water which is not thick as sticky in #Durian, and when tasting it looks sweet And will notice the fissure Brown color on the furrow.


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