7 Plants to grow that nourish the lungs and make it stronger.

Want good lung health. You must grow organic and eat these 7 foods more often to help “nourish the lungs” and make it stronger. To grow high nutrient plants use Raithep.


1. Shallot / wild onion – It has antioxidants that regulate blood supply in lungs. Therefore, it is able to reduce cholesterol blockage and helps the blood flow. Reducing fat in the veins that causes high blood pressure, lung disease, asthma, especially with bronchitis and heart disease. Often caused by allergies.

2. Apples are high in vitamin C and fiber. With beta carotene Or free radicals called Curcumin, Helps reduce the risk of lung cancer. Vitamins and minerals in apples will also help maintain lung health.

3. Carrots have high beta-carotene and it has a very high vitamin A content Which helps prevent asthma. Also, helps to stimulate your immune system to be stronger.

4. Ginger is a herb that is good for the respiratory system. Especially with people who tend to have frequent phlegm problems. Drinking ginger can help expel the phlegm. Hence, enjoy good sleep at night.

5. Garlic’s distinctive properties are anti-inflammatory. It has an antioxidant named Allicin that helps reduce the risk of almost all types of cancer.

6. Black Tea contains quite a lot of caffeine. Should choose to drink Pine tea. Because it has the property to kill bacteria in the mouth and throat. Clear our breath thoroughly. This results in good lung functions.

7. Broccoli is a source of high vitamin C and rich in vitamin B5, which has the property to replace the loss of vitamin C from smoking. And is responsible for protecting the lungs from damage caused by toxins in cigarettes.

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