Experiences of Mango gardeners.

Many farmers may miss out on producing quality mangoes to the market, which may be due to many factors. Before going into the new season production, get the true experience of a farmer who grows mangoes from Chachoengsao province. They can make the mangoes bloom every year. Even with a large area, the below tips and methods can be used as a guideline for each mango plantation area.

Recently, our RaiThep team had a chance to visit “Suthep Mango Garden”, Khun Suthep Suksawat or Kob Kob Village, No. 28/14, Moo 4, Samed Tai Subdistrict, Bang Khla District, Chachoengsao Province. The farmer who is the leader of Ban Sanam Chang community for agriculture. “Follow the Father’s Footsteps”, Ban Sanam Chang Sufficiency Economy Learning Center has become a community of sufficient agriculture, Innovative agriculture, and tourism. In order to commemorate the immeasurable generosity of “King Rama IX”, together with continuing the royal aspiration of agriculture.

The team takes a tour of the mango groves, in which the garden grows a variety of mango species such as rhino mango, Nam Dok Mai Mango etc. Mr. Kob said, “Using the Raithep has made them produce more mangos this year. When not using the Raithep, the leaves get completely dry. Also, mangoes fall easily before they get ripped. But when using the Raithep, beautiful leaves, full with bouquet, can come to see the garden. The product with the pic you see is a confirmation That RaiThep is really good Guaranteed by quality.

When using RaiThep has a spray foliar:

✓ More productivity
✓ Full beautiful leaves with bouquet
✓ High quality
✓ Reduce costs
✓ Reduce fertilizer usage, reduce drug use
✓ Safe, non-toxic
✓ Easy to use
✓ Convenient to carry

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