Farmers work as a network

Large plots of agriculture are to encourage farmers to combine production groups and manage together. This also helps the sales management with an aim to upgrade the agricultural extension system in a large area. To help reduce the cost of production, the use of Machinery tools in groups helps small-scale farmers. More access to technology, Have the ability to manage production output professionally. Also, sharing the knowledge to reduce fertilizers by use of Raithep with other farmers. This resulted in an equal way to produce high quality. Also, can access to the market and have more bargaining power in the market. Plus, when exporting fruits and grains to other countries, whole Thailand can get better prices.

The Department of Agricultural Extension continues to support large plots of agriculture. Most recently, the database has been transformed. Due to the success of large-scale farming, it supports production plans for entrepreneurs to be able to come in to plan and manage agricultural products, And able to contact the farmers themselves in the future.

To make a large conversion, it is necessary to work as a network. By integrating together At present, the big conversion network consists of 3 networks which are:

1. Farmers Network: The objective is to create a link to drive and develop agricultural products in large plots. And to enable large member farmers throughout the country to participate with the government in driving this By using the driving mechanism in the form of a large converter network committee, which can be divided into 4 levels: national level, district level, provincial level and district level.

2. The integrated network of government agencies: The objective is to connect the cooperation of agencies involved in the care and support of large-scale farmer operations.

3. Cooperation network of government agencies – private sector – farmers: The objective is to connect the cooperation of all sectors to achieve the development of large-scale agricultural products for sustainability. Which government agencies support farmers’ groups in product development The private sector connects with farmers to trade products. The farmers manage the production, marketing and group processes.

RaiThep emphasizes the improvement of soil by believing that if the soil is fertile, there is better growth of plants from that land. There are plenty as well Organic farming which does not use chemical fertilizer, and stop use of Pesticides, plus use natural ways to control weeds. This helps to keep the environment free from contaminating as much as possible. With the use of #Raithep be sure to get quality crops. And farmers can sell their products at a higher price. Because consumers believe that the products are of high quality and safe for health.


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