Mango Season and the Market Status

The season of mangos has arrived in Thailand. There are 12 large production locations for good quality mango to be exported. This year it was expected that 360,000 tons of products would be released to the market, but during the 3 months from now (April to June) there will be 180,000 tons of products on the market. Mid April To mid-May this is up to 80,000 tons, but from the situation. Due to Covid-19 That spread throughout the world, Resulting in transportation disruption, Thai mango cannot be exported to major markets such as China, South Korea and Japan, resulting in oversupply in production and falling prices.

During this crisis, the Department of Agricultural Extension invites the Thai people to buy mangoes or other Thai fruits directly from the garden / #farms. In order to help Thai farmers. At the moment, the price of mango from farms like Nam Dok Mai Mango Gold color at 17 baht, Nam Dok Mai mango 4 baht, Chok Anan mango 6 baht with Good quality.

RaiThep introduced successful mango cultivation.

1. Choosing the area that is suitable for the plants to grow:
The area must be conducive to the operation of people and agricultural machines. Proper separation of trees makes it easy and convenient to transport products from the field.

2. Use native mangoes as a source:
Always plant mango varieties native or indigenous varieties. In most cases it is quite resistant to the attack of diseases.

3. Perfect garden management:
Study the suitable planting mango fruit trees. Use Rai Thep mixed with water in an appropriate ratio and sprinkle on plants and soil. This is based on the principle of planting mangoes in a natural way.

4. Quality products must come from quality people:
Growers should be diligent in their education. And keep checking, including changing knowledge with changing technology and raithep helps farmers to apply this in their gardens.

5. Find a various markets to sell:
To reduce the price of middlemen. Farmers who grow mangoes, can come together to make mangoes sell to various markets by themselves. This helps the group of mangoes growers to decentralize the bargaining power of middlemen.