57Rai Used only RaiThep

At the moment, the price of rice in the market has gradually increased. Because of a measure taken to encourage farmers to keep stock of rice and receive the compensation. There is still a growing need for foreign markets. Such as in the Japanese market and other countries love the thai rice quality. And thanks to Raithep, keep helping farmers to make export quality. Now the price of rice with the moisture content is not more than 15%. The official price reported by the Ministry of Commerce for second-hand rice rises at 9,200-10,500 baht per ton, while Jasmine rice is 14,000-15,300 baht per ton. Fragrant rice is priced at 10,000-10,500 baht per ton. Sticky rice and long grain is at the price 15,600-17,500 baht per ton.

Today, important production factors of paddy fields are weather, fertilizers, pesticides, plant hormones, oil costs, etc. are expensive. Hence, it causes farmers to have a higher production cost burden, so farmers must adjust themselves. In order to create sustainable survival in this issue, the author will take to learn the secrets of low-cost rice cultivation for farmers. Here, Raithep helps to reduce 70% of fertilizer usage.

K. Aunt Boonsong, a farmer, who grows 57 rai of rice, which uses the Raithep as plant food supplements for grains, vegetables and fruits. Before using the 1-rai rice field, get 60-70 buckets of rice. But after using the Raithep in the rice field, get 1 or more wagons.

What RaiThep can do ?

  • helps the rice stalks become stronger
  • Resistance to diseases and insects
  • Large seeds, good weight
  • Reduce costs, increase profits
  • Improve soil fertility with nutrients needed for plant growth
  • Increase productivity
  • Drought resistant, cold resistant