Soil pH and EC Values

RaiThep is suitable for all vegetables and maintains the acidity and salinity of the soil.

PH is the acid-base value of the solution. It is used to test the water mixed with nutrients used in growing crops. The pH range measures from 1 to 14. If the count is 7, it is considered neutral. That is, if the measurement is below 7 Shows that the liquid is acid If measured above 7, it means that it is a base. For growing plants with water, the pH is very important for the chemical reaction with nutrients used to feed the plants. Naturally, water that is acidic will cause plant nutrients to dissolve well. And plants can be easily absorbed into use However, if the water used to mix with plant nutrients is high in base, it will cause the plant nutrients to precipitate so that the plants cannot absorb it. Therefore, adjusting the pH, the grower must adjust to the level appropriate to the age. Normally, the pH used for growing plants is in the range of 5.5 – 7.0 but the best value for solubility of plant nutrients is 5.8 – 6.3.

EC or Electrical Conductivity of water in soil is used to test the salinity of water. We can also use EC values ​​to measure the water conductivity of the Normal water. Pure water has a low electric current or near zero. But when adding various solutions to the water, such as adding fertilizer or nutrients to the water, it will increase the conductivity or EC value etc. Therefore, we can use the EC value as a unit to measure the amount of fertilizer or nutrients dissolved in water itself. There are many EC models to test the soil conductivity, which have different accuracy and durability.


RaiThep is a plant food formula with nano powder, non-toxic, environmentally friendly. With more active ingredients, see results faster and stronger. It is a special formula that has concentrated the quality of raw materials, And has more benefits for plants to grow at an advanced level.

✅ Raithep Can be used instead of fertilizer
✅ Raithep Can dissolve water quickly and well Completely dissolved without settling
✅ Raithep Resulting in good soil structure, airy soil, loose soil, watery and well ventilated Plant roots easily spread and mix at the base sauce.
✅ Raithep will help adjust the soil to loosen
✅ Raithep able to release nutrients that are immobilized in the soil for plants to be fully reused in the sandy soil to help absorb water
✅ Raithep maintains an acid-base that keeps the soil healthy.


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