How to care for fruit trees in drought seasons?

In a severe drought situation, Fruit gardeners need to manage their own gardens so the trees can survive through the drought crisis. The fruit tree takes many years to bloom. Today, there are some tips on how to manage fruit orchards when there is a shortage of water:-

  1. In the case of small trees, use camouflage materials to reduce the light intensity.
  2. Change the watering time to nighttime to reduce water evaporation from sunburn
  3. If experiencing severe dehydration of plants, Consider cutting off the small branches, To save the life of the tree.
  4. Very oftenly give a little amount of water, To reduce the water loss of fruit trees.
  5. Use the weeds to cover the base of the bushes. This is to maintain soil moisture.

There are recommendations for caring for fruit trees. Watering should provide the most economical water within the bush-shaped radius only. Don’t let water get soaked all over the garden. Use a drip irrigation system or a small centrifuge Use mulch Covering from the base of the canopy to the radius of the canopy Pruning of harvested branches to reduce foliar evaporation. And helps flowering in the next season For some fruit trees, such as durian, if lacking water during the fruiting season Can cause the tree to become shabby and even death Or fruit mangosteen Lacking the juice will be small, the fruiting quality is not good, will have to hurry to cut it all.

In addition, weeding is important to eliminate from the beginning of the dry season. And using scraps to cover the base of the fruit tree But in the period of very scarce water Should not do weeding or tillage Because it will make the soil dry more quickly Procuring water sources The pond should be improved to be in working condition. And pumping water from nearby water sources to store Orchard near the sea Need to store fresh water To prevent saltwater from entering the garden Regularly check the water delivery system. Control to not allow water to leak

Fertilizer should not be used during drought. Because it will stimulate growth To sprout young leaves during the dry season. Will cause plants not having enough water Resulting in the tree to wither and die Must make fire protection around the garden If there are scraps of hay, dry twigs and dry leaves, should be removed from the plot to prevent fire. The garden has prepared water, sand and fire extinguishers. And stored in a specific place, can be used immediately

RaiThep Super Nano pack is a plant food formula with nano powder. Environmentally friendly With more active ingredients, see results faster and stronger Is a new specially formulated capsule that has concentrated quality ingredients And is more beneficial to plants. 1 pack contains humic substances, seaweed, fulvic acid, amino acids from marine animals. And vitamin substances Synthetic from Israel The advantage of plant food formula, nano powder is convenient to carry. Can save a lot of transportation cost, easy to store, easy to move, low price, can save a lot of cost Can dissolve water quickly and well Completely dissolved without settling Resulting in good soil structure, airy soil, loose soil, watery and well ventilated Plant roots easily spread. Mix the base sauce. Will help adjust the soil to loosen Able to release nutrients that are immobilized in the soil for plants to be fully reused in the sandy soil to help absorb water Keeping the acid and alkaline from changing quickly

The rate of use of 1 pack can dissolve 60-100 liters of water, can be used for 2-5 rai. The powder is black mixed with white flakes mixed. When sprayed, there are natural substances in the capsule to cause the root system of plants to sprout. And expand into the soil better than usual Resulting in fast-growing plants, long roots, better nutrients absorption in the soil, increased crop yields, fast growing, increased fruiting, adding sugar, pulling bunches in the head, applicable to all plants In the pack there are also special substances that help plants create photosynthesis. The plant leaves are green and black. Not light green like using chemical fertilizer. In addition, the amino family will help to reach the equilibrium conditions that should be such as in leafy vegetables. There will be large leaves, thick, good weight. In fruit, flowers will cause new flowers.


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