Why Grow Phak Bung?

“Morning glory” is a vegetable grown widely in Thailand. Also known as phak bung, Chinese spinach (Ipomoea_aquatica). Easy source of income. Farmers can make sufficient money in a short time. Morning glory is a vegetable that is easily grown. Not quite a problem with insect diseases. Including the weather, it’s not a problem at all. In the rainy season, other vegetables are difficult to grow. But the morning glory was for all seasons. In a beautiful rainy season, vegetables like Morning glory are able to grow properly. Sowing takes no more than 1 week. Once the vegetables have grown up enough, they can be used directly to the sale market.

The farmer in Chonburi Province, has been a farming for 30 years, cultivated a variety of plants. She loves to plant The water Morning Glory, a plant that likes moist soil. But not wet, watering regularly 1-2 times a day, except during the rainy season. Without water the growth of plants is very hard. If the soil is not soft, it’s not appetizing to plant. To make soil soft farmers uses RaiThep mixed with water and spray the foliar every week, This make the vegetable plants grow bigger, long, beautiful vegetables with good roots, long roots, white roots and soft nutrient valued soil, and most importantly reduce costs. But increased production as #Raithep stimulates the growth rate of plants.

The benefits of morning glory are more than eye care, such as:-

✅ Helps nourish the eyes, Treats short-sighted eyes, cataracts, eye blemishes and frequent itching.
✅ With antioxidants Therefore helps the skin to glow with water.
✅ Helps to prevent and reduce the chances of getting cancer.
✅ Increase the capacity to nourish the brain and increase the ability to remember.
✅ There is a lot of fiber to help excretion. Prevent constipation.
✅ Nourishing blood and helping to cure anemia.
✅ Can reduce sugar and cholesterol in the blood Helps reduce the chance of developing diabetes.
✅ Helps appetite, keep stomach well.
✅ Helps to nourish the heart. Reduce the occurrence of fat, embolism and heart attack.
✅ Low in calories, therefore suitable for people who want to control weight.
✅ Helps to nourish the body elements.
✅ The morning glory helps to cure neurosis problems.
✅ Helps to relieve sweating a lot.
✅ Helps to relieve headaches and fatigue
✅ Fresh stalks of Thai morning glory help to nourish bones and teeth.
✅ Morning glory has a cold taste. Therefore having properties to help neutralize the boredom of drunks
✅ Morning glory root is tasteless. Has properties to help neutralize the manifestation
✅ Helps against bacteria
✅ Helps to reduce bruises.
✅ The flowers of the Thai morning glory, white flowers can be used as a cure for ringworm ringworm.
✅ Used to neutralize insect bites
✅ The wound is bruised. By using fresh water to boil the water for a long time Leave warm enough and then water to wash the wound once a day.
✅ Cure centipede venom bite With the use of fresh plants, add salt to the lower body mask.
✅ Fresh from Thai morning glory, white plant, used to treat burns Can scald water
✅ Fresh from Thai morning glory, white plants will help reduce inflammation and swelling pain.
✅ Helps remove toxins from the body
✅ Can be used to treat patients, drugs or those who receive various toxins.