Mixed Farming

Integrated farming Or mixed farming No definition There are no fixed rules or rules. That must be a plant of any kind Raising any kind of crops, because each area and locality has different natural conditions. Only this combination is based on the principle that Create shady then let many plants planted in the same area with the support of nature as much as possible And most importantly Growers must get the most benefit. And also being able to be self-sustaining as well.



Integrated agriculture is an agricultural system in which crops and animal husbandry are grown. There are many animals in the same area. In which each production activity must be able to support each other effectively Is the use of resources within the farm appropriately to maximize benefits There is a balance of the environment. And increase the abundance of natural resources By doing a variety of agriculture That activity must be done in the same area and time. A variety of plant and animal species interact with each other in support of production activities. Especially the use of resources available in the fields such as soil, water, sunlight and air appropriately Balance of the environment continuously and sustainably.

“The best way out is Integrated farming, though integration may not have fixed rules Which plants to grow Depending on the suitability in accordance with the conditions of each area Each locality. “

Rai Thep, plant supplement That is an organic material that has nutrients that are essential for plant growth. Rai Thep will be used to improve soil quality. When watered into the soil, the remains of the organism will gradually disintegrate and release nutrients to the plants to help the soil to puncture. Helping plants grow well Complete Resulting in greater productivity Reduce fertilizer use by more than 70%

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