Non-toxic Cultivation is a way to Healthy Farming

❇️ Organic agriculture is a holistic agriculture. Which is very different from the other agricultural system that focuses on using various natural inputs to increase productivity of crops. This is a modular concept, Because paying particular attention to the products of the main crops that are grown without considering the impact on agricultural resources or agricultural ecology. For organic agriculture, it is given priority to conserve natural resources and agricultural ecosystems. In Particular, the restoration of soil fertility, keeping water sources clean and restoration of biodiversity of farms. This is because the organic agriculture approach relies on the mechanisms and processes of the ecosystem to produce.

❇️ Organic #farming therefore rejects the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. In addition to refusing to use agricultural chemicals. Because these agricultural chemicals have an impact on the mechanisms and processes of the ecosystem. #Organic agriculture also places great importance on balancing the nutrient cycle. Energy saving, conservation of #agricultural ecology and restoration of biodiversity. Thus, #OrganicFarm can be considered as a positive #farm management, and this positive management makes organic agriculture significantly different from other Agriculture. Thus it doesn’t use neglected chemicals (Often claiming it has natural agriculture) or chemical free agriculture and #NonToxic agriculture that has flourished in our country for many years.

1. Not using genetically modified plants
2. not using chemical fertilizers and pesticides
3. Use birds and insects to eliminate pests Is a food chain
4. Using Thep Farm, Plant supplement That is organic matter And microorganisms for soil improvement

❇️ Since organic agriculture is an agriculture that gives importance to creative farming. To conserve and restore agricultural ecology in the fields, so farmers who turn to organic agriculture need to develop learning about the nature and management of their farms.

❇️ Benefits of agriculture in the form of organic agriculture:-
1. Conservation and improvement of the environment. Helps to restore the soil back to fertility.
2. Safe production process for both farmers and consumers.
3. Reduce agricultural production costs, due to not using chemicals.
4. Increase product value for farmers.

❇️ RaiThep, a plant supplement, is an organic material that helps to improve soil conditions for cultivation by helping to increase the useful microbes in the soil. Make the plants grow, complete, hard and with good quality In the composition of RaiThep also smells that insects do not like. Can repel insects from flying near to destroy the plants. Non-toxic, environmentally friendly Safe for users and consumers, reduce costs, increase profits for farmers. Because it reduces #fertilizer use by more than 70%. It is also portable and easy to use by mixing water and spraying through leaves or watering the base.

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We want to see our RaiThep farmers have high quality production. Feel good to ask for more details Or order Raithep to step ahead in a #Toxic Free way, increase quality and crop yields.

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