Homely Grown Vegetables for Good Healthy

The CoronaVirus epidemic spread continues. Food matters to all. The situation in Bangkok is like #HomeStay. Social Gatherings and meetings are paused. Hence, storing a variety of ingredients in the house to cook on your own is another interesting option. Because it will reduce the activities to leave the house for safety from Covid-19 in this period. Growing a garden is something that every home can do. Because if we eat our own vegetables, we will take care of our food that is fresh, clean, without any toxic residues. This is good for health and to increase your immune system.

Short-time grown vegetable garden planting can be a wonderful option to stay healthy. Grown in a small pot. No need to care much, many offices have announced that Work from home, staff should not go anywhere to reduce the spread of disease. RaiThep supports everyone at home. In order to help each other overcome this crisis together By RaiThep, would like to recommend 9 short-lived kitchen vegetables that are easy to grow and will yield faster. Also make a good income, by sale to neighbors. The kitchen vegetables are all short-lived plants, take 1-2 months to grow and make money for us separately. A good source of extra income.

1. Lettuce or salad vegetables:


These are very easy to grow. After you take the leaf for it to use, The base of the tree can be soaked in a bowl with water at the bottom of the bowl. Then place the bowl in a place where the sun is shining near windows or open space. After 3-4 days, you will see its roots starting to grow. After that you bring the lettuce. Or lettuce to grow into the ground.

2. Bean sprouts:


Considered the shortest vegetables to grow, as compared to all plants. In just 4 days, we can harvest the produce of the sprouts. As for the bean sprouts growing process, it can be easily done and many people are still very well familiar with it. First, let us soak the beans in the water for 6-12 hours, then take the can with a lid to open and open. With a tissue paper covered at the bottom of the can Finished and then sprinkled the mung bean seeds all over. Covering the tissue paper again With the lid closed tightly After that, take care to spray water from bean sprouts regularly. This will give bean sprouts to eat deliciously or to sell to make good money.


3. Thyme:


A most popular vegetable that can be eaten as a fresh vegetable or used in many cooking dishes. Has properties to help drive the wind Cure flatulence Propagated by seeds or cuttings. After sowing 7-10 days, seeds will begin to germinate. When the leaves begin to move, they can be planted in pots or plots straight away. In the beginning, watering should be consistent. When fully grown, the flowers begin to bloom and be trimmed into beautiful shrubs. Resulting in more leaves and can be eaten throughout the year.


4. Mushroom:


Mushrooms are harvested after planting is approximately 7-15 days by cultivating mushroom mushrooms in the shade. Because sunlight doesn’t have any need for fairy mushrooms. Also can make the fibers grow slowly As for the process of planting, we find tall containers or old pots to make a nursery. Pour the sand into about 3 inches thick, then find a wooden crate to assemble a square shape to put into the nursery. Then place the bamboo basket on the foundation before putting the top spreading mushroom stalk on top of the basket. Then close the lid completely. Ready to wait 3 times in the morning, afternoon and evening.


5. Chilli:

This is a vegetable that helps add spicy flavors to Thai food. Helps the blood circulate, sweaty, can cure colds. The plant is 1-2 years old, easy to grow, likes loamy soil, good water propagation by seeding in the pick-up box for about 7 days. Start to germinate. Or plot, should leave a distance of 50-60 cm from the tree. Be careful not to get wet or flooded water. Because it may cause the tree to die.


6. Basil leaf:

These are edible vegetables popular hits along the fence, very easy to grow. Can be grown in all types of soil, fragrant, herbaceous plants that are commonly used for cooking. Whether it is white holy basil or red holy basil The height of the plant is about 30-60 cm. Fast growing, easy to grow, likes loamy soil, well drained Just sprinkle the seeds and leave for 7-10 days. Seeds will begin to germinate into small pieces. If it is packed tightly, it should be withdrawn. For the tree to become bushes, it should be diligent to cook Because naturally, when fully grown, the flowers will begin to sprout. Stems from the remaining basil can be cut But not as beautiful as seeds.


7. Celery vegetables:

Is a type of vegetable that grows well from waste. Just cut the end of the trunk after use. Then placed in a bowl containing a small amount of water Then put the bowl in a place Direct sunlight for about 1 week has passed. You will begin to see the young leaves stabbing from the base of the tree. When the young leaves begin to pierce the top You can move the celery to the ground. And keep it growing

8. Lemongrass:

This is popular in many types of cooking, such as tom yam, spices, miang and herbs. By boiling in boiling water, add a little sugar. Drinking helps to relieve flatulence. Easy propagation Just take the cuttings from the cuttings in a sunny soil for half a day for 1-2 weeks. Start to sprout new roots. If planted in a container, must have a depth of not less than 30 centimeters, the plant will not be stunted. When cooking, use scissors to cut it. If pulled by the hand, it can cause dark cuts.

9. Coriander:

Another vegetable used in cooking often. We can soak the trunk in the water. And lift the container and place it in a place where there is sunshine When the roots begin to germinate We can then put the coriander into the pot for about 2 weeks to see the sprouts of coriander sprouts.


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