Weeds Prevention by Clay Paper, Mulch, Newspaper, BlackPlastic

A better way to protect from weeds, who eat your soil nutrients and reduce production. Use clay paper cover around the soil. A test conducted by Kasetsart University Research and development at Doi Pui Research Station on temperate plants like #Strawberry. The result is that it can help prevent #weeds controlling humidity and temperature. As a result, strawberries bloom faster, larger results increased #productivity and good #quality, unlike plastic, which does not control humidity and temperature as well. When the weather is hot and the temperature rises, the fruit ripens quickly, resulting in a small fruit and a chance of thrips.

Due to the special properties of double clay paper, It can cover weeds and protect against #nutrients from the #soil, as well as be able to control the temperature and humidity of the soil surface in a suitable condition. Result in a strong strawberry and growing well. This research and development is therefore useful for other farming practices. That requires exquisite agriculture Including wanting to reduce the use of chemicals, such as growing vegetables and fruits in Thailand Which needs special care Including removal of weeds, proper soil temperatures, fight with the external environment, and the control of chemical use in a popular organic farming system.

Replace this clay paper for small farmers to normal newspapers. Wet newspaper layers prevent light from reaching the weeds below, causing weeds seeds to die or small grown weeds die. Also, This can be naturally decomposed.

In the case of using black plastic, mulching to kill weeds. The black plastic sheet will be effective in preventing weed covering. But cannot decompose naturally If after harvest it is not completely removed and buried in the ground. Also, it is not favorable to maintain soil as easy as compared to degradable materials. May prevent the process of expanding the roots of plants to be planted in the next generation.

Irrigation is sometimes used as a weed control measure such as in the case of paddy fields to kill any plant other than the water-tolerant rice crop.

#RaiThep can be used in tandem with the above methods, because Rai Thep is #plant nutrition that is sprayed through the #leaves, Allowing plants to get nutrients directly, resulting in plants growing well and with high quality.

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