Impact of burning of agricultural areas !!

Continuous fire destroys useful organic substances in the soil causing reduced crop yields. During the long-term, farms must use fertilizer to improve the soil, which will be expensive. The cause is caused by flames from smoking and the spread that is at risk to nearby areas. Resulting in smog that is polluting the environment.

To solve the dust pollution problem is the national agenda. The Ministry of Agriculture has jointly set policies and measures to speed up the resolution of problems. The situation is a haze crisis and the small dust that is generated creates pollution. The reason is caused by burning in agricultural areas to prepare for planting in the next season. And burning to harvest sugarcane causes haze and dust, directly affecting the health of farmers.

The Stop Burning Farm Campaign in agricultural areas has continuously campaigned for farmers to realize and understand the impact and to create a burn-free community network. This is done in order to be vigilant in watch along with promoting sustainable agricultural practices.

Impact to Soil: The burning of agricultural land causes soil degradation. High production costs, reduced production. Farmers can solve it using the Raithep. Plant supplements help to improve soil conditions suitable for cultivation. By adding nutrients to the soil, In Raithep there are humic substances that are organic matter. It is a natural substance that can mix with water and be sprayed into the soil. Thus, Raithep helps the soil to be more fertile. Fertile soil helps the plant to have a good root system. It helps in rooting, creating new roots, helping plants to absorb soil nutrients better. Humic is also an important component of soil. It is a long-term solution for increasing production efficiency. This option for farmers is to have a better quality of vegetables, fruits, flowers, grains, rice or any plant you grow.


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