Critical Impact of COVID-19 on the Sale of Durian

RaiThep Farm helps farmers grow durian throughout Thailand. Eastern region has the most planting, approximately 50% of the total planting area. Thailand’s most popular fruit durian is regarded as “King of fruit”. This is due to its distinctive characteristics that satisfy consumers with its golden yellow fleshy looks. Raithep makes durian taste sweet, oily, soft to chew, delicious on the tongue. It is almost impossible to stop eating. Making Thai durian has a top exporter. It is in demand in both the domestic and foreign markets.
In 2020, the problem of the spread of the Covid-19 virus Affecting the export of fruit trees. In southern Thailand, the product will be released around August 2020. If the situation of the covid-19 virus is prolonged it would affect the sale of durian to China drastically. Normally, wholesale is 100-200 containers / day. But now the wholesale is only 30-50 containers / day. Most Chinese people focus on buying things from Thailand. Dreaded during the month of April, The maximum durian output with regards to the market price is down to 60-80 baht per kilogram. Plus, surveillance of drought and tropical storms cause quantity and quality decline.

As the situation of disease treatment is unsure. So for the price, it is not yet predicted. Because many large companies that had bought large wholesales from farmers had to stop. As for the month of April, it is predicted to be a great crop year. But the price will go down. Then I have to wait and see the weather conditions, drought, rainstorms during this hot season. These are conditions that may cause damage to quality products. Yield will be reduced if plants are not given proper nutrients to stay strong in extreme conditions.

How to Care for quality durian gardens? Here are most interesting facts to follow:-
1. Preparation of fertile soil conditions by inserting organic nutrients into the soil. Get the Raithep Supplement Nutrients for plants – A pack and mixed with 100-150 liters of water to sprinkle on soil. It helps adjust the soil conditions to be suitable for cultivation.

2. Use Rai Thep to spray on foliars. Allowing the durian to receive beneficial enzymes and nutrients and insect repellent for durian pests.

3. Provide water to Durian plants throughout the year. But given the appropriate level according to the time, sunlight and season helps to keep the durian healthy. Able to receive nutrients from the soil throughout the season by using Raithep. It also helps to degrade organic matter. And adjust the soil environment to be suitable and affect the increase in the number of earthworms that are beneficial for the durian tree.

4. Raithep water soluble plant supplements are best for fruits and vegetables. According to the needs of the durian tree, we observe the leaves and the amount of durian produce are in great quality and quantity. Also there is a reduction of your production costs on other fertilizers. As Raithep itself helps soil microbes to produce more nutrients in soil. Get more productivity and good quality by using the Raithep as the only plant supplements. This organic matter will help and support the growth of durian trees. And most importantly, Raithep have a very useful amino group. This plays an important role in the prevention of fungal diseases in the small durian tree, especially leaf diseases and unseen root diseases.

5. Appropriate cutting of durian for raising in appropriate amounts. Choose to keep the size of the branch where a number of bunched Durian are hung on branches. Choose to trim unwanted branches. This helps in healthy growth of plants.

6. There is production planning and garden management systematically. Check the cost system spent on your plants and the market price. Apply the resources available in the area by learning and evaluating.

7. The focus on product quality development is strict in the market, malls and for export. Being honest with partners and with Raithep knowledge and practices you can achieve your farm business goals.
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