Planting marigolds to combat drought

Fight #drought by planting marigolds to overcome the crisis and make money. Farmers turned to grow marigolds, plants use less water, take only 60 days, can cut flowers for sale. Make good money, during the limited water during the dry season. Various plants do not bloom the same as marigolds. Flowers such as marigolds are more expensive than before. And it is more difficult to take care of them as compare to old days due to changes in climate and soil. The size of Jumbo flowers is 0.80-1 baht per flower, 0.50 baht for more than the middle flower and the small flower is 0.30 baht.


Ms. Maneewan Iamsa is a Raithep user and suggests to all our farmers, brothers and sisters to plant marigold has given her high yield. And relief from drought. Take an area of ​​approximately 1 rai to grow 3,000 marigold trees. The whole model takes from the beginning of planting until collected The first time is about 2 months, with the first time not using RaiThep Plant supplementary food for cultivation Causing the marigold to not grow. Poor productivity, The branching is not good, the flower is not big and the price is not good, it makes you feel discouraged but you stand up and fight with changed soil and climate conditions. Use Rai Thep – a best agricultural product that helps to increase productivity. So try to use them with marigolds in the second marigold plantation. Which uses Rai Thepp sprinkled with water, used all 3 times at one single harvesting period. It was found that the marigolds grew quickly, the green plants were splitting and branching. And large quality marigolds. By using low cost because it does not use chemicals Using the divine fields, plant supplements are organic materials that help reduce costs and increase profits. Thus, marigold is the best economic plant. There is a high market demand, the price does not fall throughout the year. Is a short-lived plant, takes 60 days to be cut for sale and can be perennial to bloom for approximately 1 month.


Marigold is a short-lived herbaceous plant. The trunk is a short shrub with single-layered petals, overlapping flowers like moist soil, well drained, and can be grown as a long plot. Follow the walk Planting ornamental gardens Or can be grown in pots Marigold takes only 2 months to grow, and the flowers can be collected and sold. Because marigold is a flower that can be used on many occasions. From worshiping monks to performing in various ceremonies. It is believed that flowers is a sacred tree, Because the glittering yellow of the marigold is like gold flowing. And the name of the flower is like a star that flourished in the sky. When used in auspicious work, doing any business will progress further.