Farmers turned to grow watermelons

“Watermelon” is another important economic crop. That can increase the income for many farmers in the area This is because watermelon is a drought-resistant plant that is easy to grow. It grows well on sandy loam with acidity from 5.0 to 7.5. Good results, high compensation, short time and low water consumption.

After the rice farming, it has reduced the amount of water in soil and is experiencing drought. Change the watering system for watermelon to dripping, It will grow more than the planting by watering the scooping method. It would also be able to save water much more than scooping water in fields. And watermelons are also plants that use less water than rice cultivation. To water the watermelons, first we use the method of pumping water from the artesian well, and then into a pond that we dug. This helps to neutralize the water condition before using the water. Watermelon cultivation is a crop rotation and farming, which is one way to improve soil quality, reduce production costs for fertilizer by just using Raithep in watermelon crops. Continued use of Raithep is ok. As it is non-toxic, chemical free, and fully natural compounds that also grow watermelon and also break the cycle of pests to be depleted or diminished. This is a production revolving into the market and continuing income in providing stable subsistence farming.

Farmers using Raithep as a Plant supplement:- Mix it with water and spray through the leaves to make the watermelon grow faster. The result seen in watermelons is a completely great quality, strong, sweet, crispy, tasty, and most importantly does not require chemicals to eliminate insect diseases. Also, accelerating flowering as the morning is cool with fog, dew and moisture. The air is warm in the afternoon, it is very hot to resist. This behavior is a factor causing melon disease easily. Especially the dew caused by mold Observed by the emergence of yellow spots on the backs of watermelons and growing larger. Later, the number of yellow dots will increase. And under the leaves at the same location, there is a group of purple-gray fungus clinging to the group. Protect from this by adding Raithep to water. And this helps to give the right nutrients to grow and helps watermelon keep growing green and inside sweet red and delicious.

#RaiThep for farms, plants supplement to reduce fertilizer, improve soil with organic nutrients, safe and #non-toxic. Enjoy healthy farming for yourself and for consumers. We want to see our Raithep farmers have high quality and large production. For more information Or order, call 098-280-8200

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