Work from Home with 5 Plants

Work from Home with 5 Plants Helps relieve stress To maintain work efficiency In the current situation, Work From Home may not be just a trend that occurs in the fashion or a “choice” in the work only. But it is about to become a “survival path” for all mankind. When the epidemic crisis As we are dealing with the ” #Covid-19 ” that comes from the virus ” #Corona ” that is not yet seen at the end In our work that is faced with stress every day and stress, in addition to reducing work efficiency, it is also not good for health as well. Thep Rai Plant food supplement Come up with an easy way Suggesting trees for placing on a desk, room, or office. Helps to create a work atmosphere and reduce the stress of the table owner or even the spectator. Let’s see what kind of plants are suitable to be placed on our desks.

1. Cactus is the first plant species. That we think of when thinking of finding a tree on the desk Aside from being easy to find, inexpensive, and easy to take care of Many people already know that cactus helps to absorb radiation from our computer screen very well. So if you can’t think of anything, choose a cactus first. There are now a variety of cactus varieties. Also put in various pots Beautiful to buy

2. Velcro gum is an ivy that sticks to large plants. It is a vine with 3-5 leaf lobes, resembling a gourd leaf. Popularly planted in pots and let hanging to sway down and tangled. While also helping to clean the air without pollution and also absorb carcinogens and benzene Helps us breathe full of lungs. Turn irritability into a good mood. It is also easy to care for and is popular with parties for decoration and beauty.

3. Orchid is a small monocotyledon plant The stem is succulent, and the flowers have different odor and color depending on the species. The flowers will bloom throughout the year. The color of the orchids helps our mood to be more clear. It also helps to keep the air in the house clean. Relieve stress, increase concentration and more importantly, orchids are considered popular flowers to add good energy. For the house according to Feng Shui principles as well

4. Rosemary trees, a shrub about 1-2 meters tall, popular as a herb in the household and decorate Looking outside, aside from being beautiful. Still has a charming fragrance Which can help stimulate energy and create positive energy for us as well

5. Boston Fern is a popular ornamental plant around the world without flowers but just has leaves. The leaves are denser on stalks that look curved and hard. Most people like to plant ferns in pots. Then hung for beauty But having to say that Aside from being beautiful Boston ferns can also absorb up to 1,900 toxins per hour in the home. Especially with formaldehyde substances In addition, it has similar properties to the Velcro gum, which helps filter and purify the air. Therefore, planting Boston ferns in the house helps to provide fresh air. Calming the mind And helps to sleep easier

Although work from home is a new issue for the salary man in our country. But with emergency situations that may occur at any time Both the organization and the employees must be ready to adapt to the immediate situation and maintain responsibility in the work to be fully effective. Finally, we will fight the Covid-19 together. Thailand must survive !