Think Modern Methods to do Farming.

Do you wish to upgrade or buy new agricultural machinery and increase yield? When a farmer gets in the new equipment, it will seem familiar, easy to use, and have seamless data transfer capabilities. On the other hand, it can be costly to small farmers to get new modern machinery. At this stage it is important to first think on increase crops yield. So here is your lifetime farming business can be in four stages: –

Stage 1.

Increase Crops Yield for Farmers by using Raithep Products on plant leaves and soil. Here we give product that is Free from toxic pesticides. Plus, proper nutrients for plants to grow. A better way to #grow Organic.

Stage 2.

Expand #agricultural Land for the growth of #business.

Stage 3.

Empower #Modern Machinery and Applications to use at the Farm.

Stage 4.

Update Machinery and keep using Raithep for improvement of Soil and better production of all kind of crops.

Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (#BAAC) president Mr. Apirom Sukprasert has put forward a loan scheme for the bank’s minimum retail rate (MRR) stands at 6.875%. The money in advances given for purchase new agricultural technology and for repair. On the off chance that farmers are already making portion instalments on apparatus from either organization, they can take part through refinancing. Applications for the Loan plan will be taken until 31 March 2023. The whole advance sum ought to be doled out in 2 years.


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