Electricity to your farms in Thailand

For what reason is an Agricultural Electricity Important?

“Agricultural electricity is the utilization of power in a farm / garden for farming such as pumps, light bulbs, etc.”

The most effective method to demand power in agriculture land (with 3 stages as follows)

1. Mentioning house number

To get the electricity for house at farm. It is necessary to have a house number to introduce the transformer. When requesting that house number, if it is a remote zone in a village, you need to build a shelter or make a permanent home at all. Also, attach a bathroom with shelter, because to have a bathroom make a home look like permanent stay (Though still not permanently). It is very important evidence to support the house number.

Pictures of accommodation and toilets to provide sanitation in the area to check with signing sanitation documents. Then, bring the book to the gov., authorities for requesting the next house number. The certificate from the authorities need to submit at the district office. This give you a copy of Registration of house and its number.

When asking for agricultural electricity, look for other farms can add to electricity. It must have 3 or more houses in the same zone to request electricity. Again, emphasizing that 3 or more homes will have the weight to request electricity in remote areas. But if there is only one house in the area, can request special electricity but the electricity cost will be higher than normal.

2. Submit the case to the local administrative organization

Bring the matter to the local administrative organization in each area of you, may be a Subdistrict Administrative Organization or a municipality, depending on your area location. Staff will fill out a document to certify by attaching a copy of our house registration and neighbors together.

3. Submit the matter to the Electricity Authority in their own district

After submitting the matter at the local administrative organization Brought the documents to the Electricity Authority in our district and complete the document Which is a handover. And don’t forget to ask the possibility of getting electricity into the area as well. Recommend to group together a lot 3, 5 or more Will cause more weight


With the criteria to follow as below: –

  1. Certified by a local government organization or a government organization to confirm identity that is not in any restricted area of the government
  2. Must have a public route that cars can run easily
  3. Able to proceed with the construction of the distribution system by means of pole installation, laying the electric wire to the point of requesting electricity
  4. Certified by the local government organization or government organization to confirm the size of the area and the types of agricultural production activities that require electricity
  5. Must specify the water source to be used for agricultural production in the area that requests to use electricity such as public canals, irrigation canals, groundwater sources in various ways
  6. Must have documents / evidence of rights according to the code of agricultural land. But must not be a large private land owned
  7. Small scale farmers requesting to install a meter not over 15 (45) amps per 1 person
  8. Must be able to issue the electricity bill, meter 2 (new), which will notify the meter 1 (old). Both meters must be in the same electricity area.
  9. Expenses per area expansion Average not over 50,000 baht (PEA. Responsible for the cost of district expansion)

Refer: Provincial Electricity Authority

Documents to prepare

  1. A certificate from a local government organization or a government organization
  2. Copy of house registration
  3. Copy of land title deed
  4. Copy of ID card

Fees for submitting electricity meter requests.

5 (15) Amp, fee 1,000 baht
15 (45) 1 phase amp. Fee 6,450 baht
15 (45) 3 phase amp, fee 21,350 baht
Note: prices are approximate and subject to vary with government Regulations.

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