Farmers can reduce production costs ! Know how ?

1. Make a good soil before seeding by using Raithep mixed with water and then pour it into the soil to make the soil healthy in nutrients. This is to be sure your seeds will not die, due to any drought conditions or other…

2. Prepare the cassava varieties properly so that they are suitable for the area.
– Use 1,600-2,500 logs per rai
– length 15-20 cm.
– Age 8-12 months

3. Good and appropriate weed management
– Harrows 1-2 times. Weed removal first.
– Use herbicides before planting and weed removal before spraying. Thep, which is a foliar plant supplement, will give cassava the full nutrition.

4. Proper plant management Observe it, sometimes where the insects that come down may be natural enemies that help eliminate pests.

5. Use Rai Thep spray in an appropriate amount: Spray #RaiThep at the rate of using 1 sachet of RaiThep per 100 liters of water every 10-15 days
* Mix Rai Thep powder with water in the specified ratio Taken to spray by spraying Only need to adjust the spray nozzl** Should be sprayed in the morning before 10:00 am or after 5:00 pm because it is an open mouth.

6. Harvest with quality tools.
>>> Can go to sell tapioca by yourself, definitely farmers can get a good price.

*** Do not receive fair treatment by selling, notify the commercial office in their area or the Gov. authorities hotline number 1569

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