Removal of worms on corn

  • Regularly check the corn field >> As the corn begins to germinate, If you find a group of eggs and larvae, you need to take precautions to destroy them.
  • The healthy & preventive way to grow corn >> Use #RaiThep plant food supplements mixed with water and spray on the corn leaves. Because in the Raithep has a natural smell that can repel worms. While also helping plants to be resistant to diseases. Resulting in reduced costs and safe, no residue of corn.
  • Control the worm by biological methods >> Use of bacillus thuringiensis (BT) >> If an outbreak of large amounts of corn worms is out of control. BT is organic Gram-positive, soil-dwelling bacterium. Israelensis (Bti) is non-toxic, able to kill the larvae of certain flies and mosquitoes – before they become biting adults.
  • Notify the community pest management center Or district agricultural Gov. Office near the house. >> If found signs of destruction, hurry to eliminate and alert nearby farmers.
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