WheatGrass – A daily healthy drink

Wheat plant is a biennial plant. Green, with the same tillering as rice. But planted on open land without water. Wheat sprout at the top like rice. But wheat field have a different characteristic from the rice Or glutinous rice grains. The wheat stalk is a rod about 12 centimeters long. The wheat grains are arranged in rows on the stalks. The shell covering the wheat seed may or may not have a tail.

➢ To grow Organic Wheatgrass method:-
1. Soak the wheat seeds in water for 6-12 hours. After that, pour the water out. Then rest it on cotton cloth for another 12 hours. After 24 hours, the seeds begin to germinate, ready for planting
2. Prepare containers and soil for planting. Spread the germinated seeds and press the soil softly in a evenly and not tight.
3. Then use a raithep mixed with pure water and spray on the soil to make it sufficiently moist. After that, tissue paper is covered on the planting container. As well as sprinkling water on paper again. Use to moisten water in the morning – cool and place the planting container
in a dim light.
4. Seedlings aged about 7 days and up, can be immediately eaten.
In 1 set, can be planted and eaten as cooked food for a week.
Eat before nutrients start to lose value. If keep longer the trunk begin to wither and eventually die for 1 month.

➢ Prepare for drinking Juice:-
50 grams of wheat sprouts, squeezed with a low-calorie squeezing machine. Squeeze 30 cc wheat sprouts. Eat 1 time per day.

➢ Wheat seedling benefits for the treatment of diseases:-
• Reduce Hypertension
• Reduce Cholesterol Level
• Prevention against cancer
• Nourishing blood circulation
• Helps the digestive system
• Body Detoxication
• Treatment of kidney disease
• Prevent the occurrence of anemia

Wheat seedlings contains:-
Wheat seedlings has lots of vitamin A and vitamin E, as well as other minerals. In a small ratio for body but a lot more helpful as it contains more than ten kinds of essential amino acids that are essential to the body. Which will help strengthen the body work and reduce the risk of chronic diseases that are common today.
• Wheat seedlings contain up to 30% of plant protein.
• Contains up to 70% chlorophyll.
• 30 times more vitamin C than oranges.
• 30 times more vitamin B than milk.
• There are enzymes that is a key for good health.
• Helps skin beautiful and make you healthy.

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